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how long do a seizure last??
nanalaura52 posted:
Daughter took my 3 yr old g-daughter to her pediatricain today....Well he said she wasn't having seizures cause seizures are suppose to last 5-10 min and her's only last any where from 30 sec-1 min. Need everyones opinion on this.
dancer86442 responded:
Hello nana,

Seek an Expert Opinion! ASAP! A Pediatric Neurologist. To locate one, please, visit, posted in Resources.

Please, Can you describe what is happening during her 'episodes'? How often they occur? How long has this been going on? If I know more I can 'educate' you some more. :) I Can/Will tell you that seizures Do only last 30 seconds up to 2 minutes! These require Only Proper Seizure 1st Aide. Unless hurt during the 'episode'. Episodes that last longer (10-20 min non-stop) are Serious & require Medical attn. ASAP!

Encourage your daughter to 'educate' herself about Epilepsy Types, causes, treatments, etc. She will need this Info in order to be her Daughter's Best Advocate. HUGS!

Love Candi
Norton47 replied to dancer86442's response:
I agree Candi,
Seizures can seem to last 5-10 minute, due to the persons recovery time. Many include this in the length of the seizure. It is important that she contact a specialist, to determine if it is a seizure disorder, and what type of seizures is the child having. I have a multiple seizure disorder, and sometimes those absence seizures that serve as my warning only feel like a few seconds, but friends tell me that they are several minutes long. As for the partial and grand mal, my physician told me that they lasted 4-5 minutes, wich is somewhat long. This was determined after aq stay in the hospital, and video taping me. They always asked me what they looked like, but I never stopped to watch! Nana, you and your daughter should watch her closely, and keep a diary or a book to try and keep a record of what she is doing, and her surrounding when these occur. Is she excited and playing, watching TV or playing on a computer, is food cooking or other smells that might trigger the siezure? And make note of what she does after coming out of these episodes. I often look for a cup of coffee, just like I would in the morning.
LadyPharmMMC replied to Norton47's response:
Hi! I have had epilepsy since I 6yrs old. I'm 27 now. The type of seizure vary from person to person; especially the location, type of seizure/ recovery symptoms and the frequency. My seizures vary upon the type I have; my condition is Complex Partial Seizure; the gral mal seizures last me 5-10mins. and takes me three days to fully recover(any longer than ten min. I need to be taken to the hospital), the partial/absence seizure usually last 5 mins and only takes me a day to recover. I have been seizure free for three yrs.KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!! I hope this has helped. Have a great day!
nanalaura52 replied to dancer86442's response:
hi Candi,
G-daughter when one starts she'll get real spaced out and glassy eyed then she'll go to shaking real bad plus she will squeeze something really hard in her hand then after she starts coming out of it her mouth will start twitching then she wants to go to sleep afterwards. She might have one or two a day or sometimes she'll have multiples back to back just depends. Not sure how long these have been going on but just really noticed it a couple weeks ago. So daughter took her to the ER and they said she was having seizures to make an appointment with her pediatrician so she did but he said they weren't seizures. He did order a EEG to be ran on her that is sceduled for the 29th. But he acted like it was big deal and didn't seem alarmed with g-daughter's health.
We were in a bad car wreck in 2008 and g-daughter suffered a bad cut on her head so we're not sure if that might of had something to do with it. Just really worried and concerned.
meredithc18 replied to nanalaura52's response:
Hi "nana",

I was reading over what you and others wrote about your g-daughters seizures and they sound a bit like mine at times. I am an adult (32) with ep. and it started with a closed head injury in 2003, I fell off a horse. After multiple multiple MRIs and EGgs the Dr.'s concluded that I had a scar on my rt. temporal lobe, probably from my fall. Maybe that earlier car wreck did cause a "scar" of some sort on your g-daughters brain. My sz. sound like hers. Mine are short, no more than a minute, I also produce extra "spit" in my mouth that I have to get rid of and I love to hold someones hand or something to just "squeeze". I know that I could have a sz. and nobody in the room would notice, so maybe she has been having them awhile and they have been so small, it has gone unnoticed. It is good that you are getting the EEG, and maybe even look into a MRI to see if there is something on the brain causing the sz. But there is help for you and your family out there, it just takes time and patience to go through it all.........
I did have brain surgery June 2010 and I am a success story...........Keep looking for the answer, it is out there!
dancer86442 replied to nanalaura52's response:

Seizures can occur YRS after an accident. So, it is lkely, like Meredith said that the wreck left some small scar tissue that is causing the seizures. An EEG & an MRI will be needed. To Start. Later her DR may want to do video EEG. You can do this yourselves. :) Keep a video cam charged & ready. :)

Our Resources has Info on Types of seizures. But, from what you described I would say they start out as absence seizures & progress into 'shaking' (possible convulsion) Please, familiarize yourself w/ All Types of seizures.

Time & Patience will be required to determine what's what. In the meantime, continue to treat your granddaughter as normal as possible.

Later, you may be interested in some of the books available for All ages. Visit & ask your Local Library about them. Talk w/ the Research Librarian. :)

Let us know what the results of the EEG are. You & yours are in my Prayers. God Bless

Love Candi

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