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help please!! epilepsy/wisdom tooth
mmselem posted:
Okay, my fiance is 24 and was diagnosed epilieptic about a year ago. He has had 2 grand mals, but suffered from complex partials almost daily for years. They orginally put him on dialantin, but he was allergic to it. In turn, the switched him to500mg of keppra twice daily after his 2 hospitilization for a nasty grand mal. This seemed to be working, but e started having partial seizures again, sometimes even waking up to them in the middle of the night. Along with this, his wisdom teeth have been coming in for about a year now too. Every month for at least a couple of weeks, he gets terrible tooth and headaches that not even naproxen will kill (nor acetomenophin or ibuprofin), his face swells, and pieces of his teeth have fallen off. We told his pcp and the guy shined a light in his mouth, saoid they werent infected and theres nothing he can do. We have ACCCHS health insurance in arizona and because of his eopilepsy he can barely work, he ends up having partials that take days to recover from. Well, accchs only covers emergencies and we cannot afford to have them pulled. He saw his neurologist that did bloodwork that came back with an elevated whit blood cell count, but he doesnt have a cold or anything, so were assuming the teeth. I guess i just need some help. Im affraid the infection will spread, cause a seizure, or even kill him. What should we do to prove that this is an emergency and get them out?? Help!!
dancer86442 responded:
Hello mm,

Dental problems, as well as Headaches & other possibilities Can Trigger Seizures. But, It sounds like he has had Dental Problems for a Long time. How long has he been on the Keppra? If Partials are Happening then his meds need to be Upped or he needs to Try another Med/dose. Or Treatment.

I guess the best way to get a Doc's attention is to start keeping track of his seizures. And keeping a Journal will help Both of you to determine any Triggers other than teeth. (Yes, he can have more than 1 Trigger & cause)

More Info as to what to include in a Journal under Tips.

If your Neuro would Refer you to a Dentist, Maybe, you could work out a Payment Plan for Treatment at the Dentist's? Maybe! But, you need to find a way to alleviate the pain. The Stress from the Pain alone, can Trigger a Seizure.

In the meantime, use our Resources to Learn More about Ep & all it's aspects treatments, including 'alternatives'. Do some 'homework' about 'natural' ways to cure headaches/toothaches, too. Also, find out what other conditions can elevate the white blood cells. There are a Lot of Possibilities to Rule Out.

Also, talk w/ Pharmacist. Maybe an Over-the-counter product can help. But, he needs to increase some Vitamins/supplements, too. To help his meds, his Ep, his over-all health. Our meds Do tend to Rob us of Essential Vitamins/nutrients. B6 & other B supplements has been recommended/ needed for Keppra. For some PPL. Helps Alleviate Mood swings & other side effects.

Love Candi
mmselem replied to dancer86442's response:
Thanks for your help. They did up his dose from 500 mg twice day to 1000mg twice a day. This has alleviated the partials, but his teeth flared up right after they upped the dose. His new neurologist is getting ready to go on maternity leave in a month or so. He will see her once more before she leaves, but that will be the second time he has seen her. For the first week after his last appointmet, he kept i diary. I thought he was continuing it and asked him about it, he said his teeth and head have been almost constantly hurting him so it feels too repetitive to write down. He is on methadone (and is almsot completely off of it) to get off of opitates and refuses to take pain killers, which i completely understand. All of the neurologists up until this new one never did anything to help. He finally found out the last one was getting transferred and wasnt even going to tell him. He immediately switched neuros and the new one seems to know her stuff. She immediately upped his dose and told him to come back in a month ( he had seen the previous one a week before, she said she'd up his dose and to come back in 4 months- after shed be at a different residency. She never actually upped his dose either) anyways, i just keep watching him get worse and they wont do anything until they "look" infected..
dancer86442 replied to mmselem's response:
Hello mm,

Now that his dose has been increased, he Needs to start his Journal, again! The next 4-6 weeks are 'trial & error'. And he Needs to note Everything. Even if it's repetitious. He may experience 'mood swings'. If so, have him increase his B6 & other B Vitamins. Please visit our Resources & Tips for more Info about Nutrition & meds.

As for his teeth. Ask his Pharmacist or Nutrionist (GNC?) Store about different mouth rinses/gels that may help. Have you considered going to Mexico? That's where my Hubby & Son went for Dental.

Being that our teeths' nerve centers are closest to the brain, headaches are bound to happen. I'm not sure if this will help, but, it has worked for me & others, for headache/migraines. For me 'massage Therapy'. You Can learn to do this yourself. Just learn the proper 'points' along temple/forehead & proper Pressure/massage for head/muscles in shoulder neck area. It helps to be in low lights w/ Easy Music.

Another trick: A Large Lemon Peel & Bandanna. Rub Oil on temples & forehead. Tie skin to forehead. Leave on till headaches gone. May take different PPL Longer to React. Supposed to be Better than OTC meds. Has Worked for others. Cheap to find out if it works for Him.

A warm salt water solution/rinse may help prevent mouth infections. I know it Heals. It is, also, good for killing germs we inhale. Cleanse nostrils w/ Q-Tip & rinse mouth. Or a hydrogen peroxide rinse, if he can stand it. Just don't Swallow it.

Maternity Leave may not take Long. He will have had time to adjust to his meds. To know if they will work. IF she has to adjust or Add a new med next time, It will be another 4-6 weeks. I used to wait 6 mths between visits. I didn't know any better. But, that was a County Hospital. And I would sit ALL Day waiting to be seen. But, after 10 Yrs, (doesn't take everyone that long ) it paid Off. I have been sz free for 25 Yrs.

Just keep educating yourself & him. And those who care about him. Help is Out there. But, he Has to be Willing to be his Own Advocate! And the Best Way to do that is to Know as Much or More than DRS. After all It is His system that's out of Whack & Drs Can't read our minds.

I do hope you will keep us posted. We are here to help you & support you & Him. Thank You for responding. For Caring! HUGS!

Love Candi
phoenix_sun responded:
I lived in PHX to almost 9 years befoer I moved out to Maui, HI,

ACCHS will not cover that they consider that as cosmetic surgery and will not do anything about it. YO have to arugie it out with yoru doctor and the insuanse company.

They are very hard todeal with as I have had to deal with them many times wyen I lived there.

I apea;sed some cases verbally and actually got them one.

One was over a medication that i needed for my epilepsy that th ey were trying to t ake away ad wahtedd neto take one of the older ones lie Tegretol and that one just ablut killed me whan I was on that,

So I foungt and one it along with my doc but I beat him to iy.

HI's insurance is a little more leinant, They oput a clause in my indaunce that I could fly back to the mainland to contunue to see my current neuro.

Everything else has to be done/seen in HI.

gotta go for now.

pennsygardener replied to phoenix_sun's response:
Just a small comment about the tooth aches. I have complex partials and get very bad tooth aches, it ends up being sinus pressure going down to the nerves of the teeth. Even the old fashion remedy 'towel over the head and steamed water' helps.
I try to keep ahead of it, by taking sinus pressure pills.
phoenix_sun replied to pennsygardener's response:
I have TMJ and grind and clench when I ahve szs, I have CPSs as well. I am going to have my 3rd root canal thie up and coming wedsnday , There is pus in the tooth it is cracks and you can pull it apart some, ,I am on antimbiotics and Vicodin.

you better watch those over the counter pills becuase those can trigger szs too. I do NOT take anything over the counter, I only take what my docs give me.

no pamprin for you know what he give me flexeril insterad which is a muscle relaxer.

nothing for me over the counter.

In teh first EMU visit they gave me benydril to bring one on and it worked.

I have sinus stuff in my medicine chest that some caring person bought me, but have never touched it. I use the ould fashioned way of vicks in a biwl with your head under the towl thing.

if I have a migrinae, I use Fioricet or Imitrex.

If I am sick I get anti biotics, if I ca nnot keep my food dodwn I go to the hospital and have everhy one of my pills injected not just my AEDs. and so on.

pennsygardener replied to phoenix_sun's response:
Hi Phoenix,
I don't buy certain meds that are over the counter. And yes, certain things interfere with my meds. I take a generic hasnt effected me so far (been taking yrs). Wow, you have way more serious prob with teeth than I thought. I love my dentist but three root canals, oih vey. Hang in there, hope everything gets worked out.
phoenix_sun responded:

, first wisdom teeth are no fun to have or to have growing in. htey are ery painful.

sometimes teething of ANY kind can cause fevers that can cause szs. I do not know much of your hx, my g-ma in NC had szs everty ime sye would teethe, this went on for several years. Now my cousin's son has been doingthat sof 5-6 years old. IT can be congential or just happen.

he takes pheno for it. he is s till on it to this day. I do not know his dx yet but will have my mom ask her the next time she takes to her which is quite often.


Ramilan responded:
Yes wisdom teeth can cause seizures and often do.This fact is not known by most doctors and neurologists.I had seizures for years untill I found this out, as soon as I had them taken out my seizures stopped within a few weeks.Dentists said it would cost over a thousand euros to have them taken out but i went to a university hospital and they extracted the wisdom teeth for next to no cost. Please try this is you suffer from seizures.
dancer86442 replied to Ramilan's response:
Thank You for your Input Ramilan. Congratulations! I'm glad you are now seizure free. I agree! Drs/Neuros Should Know More about this! May I ask where you got your Initial Info from that led you to have your Wisdom teeth removed?

Love Candi

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