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    Mesial Temporal Sclerosis
    Maine1276 posted:
    Hi there, new here and trying to get some info & guidance. Our DS (10) was diagnosed with this about a year ago after having a seizure and several tests including EEG, Cat scan & MRI. He was placed on Keppra and has been on it ever since. He has not had an additional seizures that we have been aware of. We had a neurology appt. last month and if he continues to be seizure free his doctor wants to wean him from the meds. The problem comes up here where we went for an EEG last week and the results came back abnormal with the reading indicating partial focal seizures. The MRI looked clean except for the mesial temporal sclerosis and now with the abnormal EEG results we are wondering if it is a smart move to try and wean him from the meds. I have been doing alot of reading lately and this also seems to indicate temporal lobe epilepsy so I am looking for some guidance from others who have been there done that. Thanks in advance!
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Maine,

    Welcome to Epland. Are you really in Maine? My Favorite place/State.

    As for your question. I think your Doctor will change his mind when you see him about results of the EEG. Most likely, since the Keppra is working, he will leave him on that med, also.

    Besides, from what I have read Doctors don't usually take people, with a seizure disorder, off meds until they have been seizure free for 2 years.

    I applaud you seeking Info. Are you educating your son, also? There are Recommended books for all ages on Also, Please read Journal Info under Tips. The best tool we have when battling Epilepsy. If interested in 'alternatives' visit (link in Resources) for more Info. Have you done any 'homework' on the Ketogenic Diet?

    I've been doing my 'homework for 20 yrs I have temporal lobe Epilepsy. I've been on my meds for 24 yrs now. Still doing Goood.

    More Questions? Wanna share what you have Learned? Just wanna talk/rant/rave? We will be here for you. HUGS!

    Love Candi
    JTJHO responded:
    Hi. My son is almost 5 yrs old and was diagnosed with Mesial Temporal Sclerosis and developed Epilepsy from it when he was just over a year old. How did your child get MTS? My son got bit by a mosquito and got LaCrosse Encephalitis which made him sick for 2 weeks and gave him a 2.5 hour seizure. The seizure gave him the brain damage. The brain damage is causing his Epilepsy. No meds will control the seizures. We've tried Keppra too. He will have surgery this summer to remove the damaged Temporal lobe.
    dancer86442 replied to JTJHO's response:
    Hello JTJHO,

    Thank You for responding to this Post. Unfortunately, this Post is a Yr old & we have not had any Updates from Maine1276.

    His 2.5 hr Seizure. Was it back to back episodes (starting, stopping, restarting) or was it considered a Status Seizure? How many meds/adjustments to doses, has he tried. Do you know what his Triggers are? Have you discussed Diet or other Alternatives w/ his DRs? Just Curious.

    If you have any Questions/Concerns, about Surgery, please let us Know. Angie & Dana have Experience. Know we are here for Support as well as Info. Hugs!

    Love Candi

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