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saxofone1 responded:
Hi phylis,

How are things going for you?

I just received the Feb/Mar 2012 issue of Neurology Now.

This issue has a story about the electrical brain stimulation in regards to seizure reduction.

The name of the article is A Healing Jolt: Reducing Seizures With Brain Stimulation. It is written by Gina Shaw.

Have a good day. Enjoy the weekend. The 70s are expected for Vegas. Beautiful weather in the desert.

Take care,
hula_dancer73 replied to saxofone1's response:
hi saxaphone I too get Neurology Now. I have been getting it for 3.5 years.

I got the premier issue in the first lousy smart elec neuro's office, and have been getting it since. Greatmagazine to have around!

saxofone1 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
hi hula,

How are things with you today?

I was introduced to Neurology Now when I saw it in a previous doc's office. I have spread the word to other's( friends, docs, others with ep,etc) about it. I too think it is a great source of info, and not just for ep.

You have a good day, week, month, etc.

hula_dancer73 replied to saxofone1's response:
hi angie,

I saw that as well, but is has not been released bt the FDA yet as a treatment for EP. They are still in the trial s tage and it may nit work. They are just thinking of more ways to make up more ways for us to g et some r elief.

if DBS did work it would be one more option to choose from but then the cadidate stuff for it would sart all over agqain. Just like I had to be a cadduate for the VNS.

any way I am back in Honululu this morning. i flew to PHX for a neuro visit, and had to be back on the plane for Hi a few hrs after that. NOw home I am really nervous about today. I see the TMJ surgeon for a consult for surgery.

I hope you have have a 2 last better days than I have had.

NOLAtwitcher replied to hula_dancer73's response:
Hey ! ok.. I just wanted to reply b/c I have a V.N.S. implant and it does nothing for my memory , however, it does help me tremendously with my seizure recovery time and the length and frequency of them. If you do not know it soft of does the same thing , sending an electrical current .. or "shock" to the vagus nerve (which you really can NOT FEEL - unless you are paying close attention and my quality of life is better..) at a predetermined interval depending on your "dosage" your Dr. has prescribed if you, like me, are not a candidate for surgery/ Med. resistant. Just wanted to throw that out there! - NOLAtwicher<3
dancer86442 replied to NOLAtwitcher's response:
Hi Nola,

Welcome to Epland & Thank You for your Input. The VNS won't do anything for your memory. The New Device Mite!

You are new, so have a few questions. If you don't mind? Are you on medication, also? And Still have seizures? I noted your comment about "recovery time" etc. So, how often & what Type?

I know others' who have the VNS & would disagree about your "Not Feel". My guess, like meds/treatments, everyone experiences the VNS different, too. I didn't know very much about the VNS till Nancy (Hula_dancer) Joined us Yrs Ago!

I hope you stick around. Your Time & Input is Very Much appreciated. HUGS!

Love Candi.
saxofone1 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
Hey hula-girl,

It's always a pleasure to get back home. Waiting for results can be a bother. Throws your concentration off. UGH!!

I wish you well on the visit with the TMJ surgeon. Hang in there for you have expressed to me( and the others) that you are not a quitter.

Thanks for the "better day" wishes. I'm doing great. It has been about 25 weeks since my last seizure. I'm starting the New Year with good feelings and exceptional friends.

Hang in there,
saxofone1 replied to NOLAtwitcher's response:

Welcome to the group.

Thanks for your input about the VNS. I often hear negative things about it.

My docs had once suggested the VNS for me. This had to be about the turn of the century. It was later decided that a lobectomy would be more profitable for me. Good call, docs!!

I hope you stay with us and join some of the other discussions. Have a good day.

hula_dancer73 replied to saxofone1's response:
hi nola

I hve a VNS and have had it for over 4 years.

IT works for me quiiiiite well. My szs were so out of control and more than one lesion that I was not a candiatite for surgery so I had to have the VNS.

I am a rep for it on the island of Oahu.

I have alot of knowledgr about and on the VNS.

IF you want to write to me here is my address.

hope to hea form you soon


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