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So confused
MrsPoole05 posted:
Hello everyone I am hoping to find some new information or someone else's opinion on what I have going on! A few months ago I went to bed and started having some weird jerking. At first it was my head and then my arm would jerk and then my leg. It lasted for a little while and I prayed till it stopped or I fell asleep. The next day I sat down to relax and felt this weird tingling come over me and I started jerking again! I went into the ER where the Dr called a specialist who said I was having a simple partial seizures. They put me on Keppra and sent me to a neurologist. I had an EEG and a MRI done plus had a CAT Scan at the ER all before seeing the neurologist. When I went to his office he said I was having migraines and he hadn't even looked at my test results yet! He changed my medicine to Topomax and sent me home. A few weeks later I started having severe twitching in my eyes to the point that you could sit and watch and I had to close my eyes! So I have quit taking the medicine because I feel like my dr just brushed me under the rug and didn't explain much to me. I haven't had any severe episodes since the one but I have little things here and there! Can someone please tell me am I just crazy or should I see another dr?
BlazingTiger responded:
From what you are saying. The ER doctor was right in doing what he did. Not even looking at the results alone is cause for me to seek a 2nd opinion. You have a right to do so. A diagnosis over the phone interesting that is not typical most neuros would want to see you first before a diagnosis. I would definitly see someone else.
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Ms Poole,

Does the Specialist work with/see patients, as well as consult hospitals. The ER Should have referred you to the Specialist. If he was a member of their staff. And your Insurance should have covered him/her.

OK, you now have 2 opinions. Maybe the DR read your charts the previous nite??? I know my Doc does B4 discussing everything. But, it is unfortunately 'Normal' for neuros not to explain much to us. But, hon, you Should never Stop taking any Ant=epilepsy drug w/out dr supervision. Even a few weeks is enough to build up in your system & sudden w/drawal can be harmful. Now or Later.! Use our Resources & /or Search this Community Toolbar for Epilepsy Faqs. Tell me if you are experiencing any similar symptoms as described, please.

You are now on a Dr/med merrygoround. The Journey may be a Long one. And there is Lots to Learn about Neurological disorders, as well as Epilepsy. Definitely see another DR! But, go prepared. Resources: Questions for Doctor. Write your questions/answers from Dr, down regarding symptoms, possible triggers. A Journal (Under Tips) will be your best 'tool' for Everything.

Migraines? Were you/ are you prone to Migraines???

You ain't crazy. You ain't alone. Keep asking questions.

Love Candi

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