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children holding thumbs
LEItahz posted:
Hello. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if this has anything to do with a sign of seizures:
My daughter is 2 and has had 2 fever seizures occur within the past 6 months. When she was an infant, my girlfriend noticed that she sleeps holding her thumbs inward. She told me that that was a sign of seizures. She had a son that had passed away at a very young age and through his life, he would sleep and be awake with his thumbs held in. Apparently he was very epileptic.
My baby still sleeps like that. Should I be concerned?
Also, she does sometime drift off mid sentence like she's daydreaming or in a trance for a quick second. Should I be worried?

Thanks for all your help and knowledge.
dancer86442 responded:
Hello LEI,

That is a New 'signal' to me. If you are concerned, please, note it in a Journal. As well as the fever related episodes. I would be More concerned about the 'daydream/trance' episodes. Especially, if she doesn't respond to her name or sudden noises (hand clap, etc. ) Please note these incidents in the Journal, too. More Info as to what else to include, under Tips. These mite Possibly be 'Absence Seizures. "See 'Epilepsy Faqs' under Resources.

Good News: Fever related seizures are most often Outgrown w/in a few yrs if not sooner. Most Times. I think those who Don't outgrow them, Usually, have a 'family history' of seizure disorders.

Please discuss Everything w/ he Pediatric DR. He may/should refer her to a Pediatric Neuro for some tests to ease your mind.

Love Candi
LEItahz replied to dancer86442's response:
Hi Candi:

Thank you so much for the reply. I didn't think of starting a journal but will definately do that.
I had no idea there was a thing called "Absence Seizures". I am going to research more into that. I, myself, tend to just 'space out' from time to time (usually when I'm tired) and I just thought she does that too...and maybe she does. But now that I am made aware of this, I will keep a more watchful eye.

Thank you again.


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