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Think I may have been close to having a seizure
An_246243 posted:
Recently I had a spell that I was told could be the beginning of a seizure. My mother has epilepsy but I have never had seizures or anything like this happen to me before. My vision started to go dark, I had this weird static like ringing in my ears and I got extremely dizzy. My mother has said that she felt this way when she was younger and had seizures. I was wondering if this sounded similar to anything that has happened to anyone else. I didn't have a seizure and my mother said it was probably because I calmed down.
BlazingTiger responded:
There are several things that can trigger seizures. The biggest one is stress. Diet can also be a factor. other things that can cause them are environmental issues. Chemical imbalance. there are more possible triggers I just can't think of them all at the moment.

hula_dancer73 replied to BlazingTiger's response:
hi blazing tiger and an.

some other triggers for szs are and can include these: missed meds, traveling across times zones, sleep-depravation, alchol use, drug abuse, menses, stress, OTC drugs, nutrinional defincies, vitamins, minerals, glycine and herbs and moon cycles.


hula_dancer73 responded:
it sounds like you DID have a sz. not came close to it but had one.

IT is like being regnant. you don't come close you wi ther are or yuo aren't.

you need to be checked by a neuro to see if anything shows up on an EEG and some of thta would be you answer.

IF you have another one then you have it.

2 szs=epilepsy as Candi has explained to alot of us on here.

THen all teh testing starts and it can take months to do. IT did wi th me. Ihad all kinds of EEGs MRIs and CTs.

And other t ypes of testing. I was also in the hospital for an Video/EEG which is a split screen telemetry and the ycan tell you actions and try to match up the EEG.

but then again I am not everybody and what they did for me nmay not be done for you. But it is prett ystandard, though.

I just thought I would share some litttle expeirences I had for te sting and all that.


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