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seizure since teenage years
lucyelposar posted:
hi! i just wanna share my experience, i was diagnosed that i was have siezure since i was 12 years old and now im 34. i researched bout my situation and i found out that i have a near case to TEmporal Lobe Epilepsy (which happens during bed times) in taking meds and till now it is still the one im using(phenobarbital grain 1) since i was taking for many years and i dont have any seizure i thought that i was ok alreday. but apparently once i stopped the med the seizure occur . so when i got pregnant with my 2 kids im still taking my maintenance med. Taking a big risk into my baby my OB and IM told me that it can affect the baby, they might come up abnormal. GOd is good and now their 6 and 9 years old. a two healhty baby boy. The only thing now is i want to work abroad,.. ist possible for me to carry my medicines in other country , its a prohibited drugs. Whats the process iin the airport of carrying those meds? I havent gone into other country thats why im eager to go out and explore.
Seizures will not tie me up here!
hula_dancer73 responded:
you should be able to take his meds out of the country AS LONG IS HIS NAME IS ON THE BOTTLE.

You can not take them out in bottles that are in bottles with no name and no RX on them. I had thta happen and they thru it away.

I moved to HI about 2 years ago and I got them checked again and got thru. My name and my daughter's name was on EVERYTHING as it went thru the Xray machine and it got thru.

Different countires have different names for the same drug, so he may have to have that changed to a different name. And some may even haveto be changed.

Onfi made it to this country afer reading several thing saying it wasn't going to offered in this country and now it is. It also falls under the name Clobazam spelled wrong.

IT shold be safe for you to go on and do what you need to do. Ihave NO idea what customs will do when you get there with the meds. JUst keep them in thier bottles with who it is for, what it is, and the instructions on them as how to take, and the date is was written and filled.


if the szs are controlled enough they should not make it so you haveto stay here.

I fly back and forth tosee my neurologist every 3 months and my orthopeadic doctor every time I need to go. I just had jaw surgery for my TMJ and had to have that on the mainland in Scottsdale,AZ. That doc is going to be watching me and I still have to go and see him. SOmetimes I come to the mainland to see my mother and my kid can spend some tme with her.

I can only suggest things that have occured with me.

As I moved from PHX to HI I had to give up my medicaid and go under my husband's insurance.

WAY better then mine was.

IT is a 6 hr flight form here to the mainland.

But that has no bearing on this.

ASk Candi or Angie. They have WAY more experience in thei than I do.

saxofone1 responded:
First, are you saying that you stopped your meds without your doctor's consent/surpervision?

Second, congrats on your kids being healthy!!!

In regards to travelling abroad, I suggest that you talk with your pharmacist or doctor to find out if your meds are in legal use in the area you wish to travel.

I have never travelled out of this country. I wear a medical alert bracelet and carry their info sheet regarding my ep/meds with me at all times. Do your wear the the medic alert bracelet? Not the one you can get at a local drugstore, but the official one. Think about getting a notarized letter from your doctor stating why you need to carry the meds with you.

My first seizure was in '75, shortly before my 14th birthday.

I hope these ideas have been of help to you. Good luck on your new adventure. Seizures don't stop us from living!!!!!

Thanks, hula, for the vote of confidence.


Good luck on your new adventure

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