another sz question
hula_dancer73 posted:
hi Candi,

I ahve a question for you or anyone else.

Sometimes my hearing sort of shuts off in my left ear adn then has moderate rining in it then it slowly goes away.

IT would not surprise me if it was another sz type.

dancer86442 responded:

Please use our *Search This Community* tool. Above Popular discussion. NOT webMD Search at Top! I have a link about this subject. I believe there is medication/treatment for it, too. I don't hear to good out of my left ear, either. Been that way for yrs. And the ringing never goes away. The misfirings in our brain can do soo much. The Brain is responsible for a Lot.

But, I know my Past has a Lot to do w/ the hearing/ringing. Not just seizure activity. Nightly Exposure to Very Loud Music, in the 70's. I talk Real Loud & people have to tell me to "tone it Down" I Know I listen to TV or Music at a Louder Volume than my Loved ones. Oh well. I can Still Hear.
hula_dancer73 responded:
doc said it is another sz tyoe. no name for it but is another partial type of sz.