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    I'm new to this but maybe someone can help me with my problem?
    npfm1311 posted:
    Hi, I'm 22yrs old and I have been having seizures since I was 13. Over the last 9yrs I have seen 5 different doctors and every one says just about the same thing "You have a seizure disorder, we do not want to classify it as epilepsy" and they also say "Your seizures are coming from the front part of your brain" and "We've never seen a person with seizures like this". They all have done EEGs, Catscans, MRIs everything and they still can't figure it out. I only have seizures when I first wake up, if I even have them. I don't have them every day I have them maybe once or twice a month, they have been changing my medications so much in the last 2yrs, I go 1month and be ok and then the next month, I have 3. Like I said it's only when I wake up from not enough sleep or I get startled, and even when I don't have enough sleep or you startle me I won't have a seizure. They come and go when they want even when I'm on the medication or when I'm off of it. Every seizure that I have is a Grand Mal seizure, I've stopped breathing having them, needed stitches in my mouth, given myself black eyes, dislocated my shoulder. Does anyone have any suggestions or any thoughts as to what causes my seizures or if you have heard of something similar to this?
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hi npfm,

    Heard of This? Honey, I started doing the Same at age 26. I was going to a County Hospital & saw a New Dr every 6 mths. Took 10 yrs to find a med for me. Now, after Researching & Learning More about Seizures & Treatments I Wish I had been Informed about Diets & Other Possible Alternatives.

    So, Facts: More than 2 Seizures Is Epilepsy aka Seizure disorder. Coming from the front part of your brain? Mine are/were reported as Left Side of Brain. But, Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (what you Have) is also possible. You are Not Alone! Just cuz them Fool DRS Never saw such a Thing! Seizure Disorder? That is the *new* term Drs & Researchers are using for All Types of Seizures. Very Confusing, to say the Least! DRS have been using the term so that their Patients don't get scared of having their License revoked & don't Return. Sad Excuse! But, it Happens!

    Seizures don't discriminate as to When they happen. You can go for YRS w/out 1, after experiencing them as you are. Then again, Tomorrow could be another 'episode' to recover from.

    Suggestions: Start keeping a Journal! Please, read Journals under Tips. Time & Patience & it Can help you find New Triggers. If you have or know someone w/ a Video Cam, have Someone try to record an episode. Or use a Baby Monitor w/ Video/sound. If you would like to know More about the Diets visit No need to join to read her articles. Use her Search tool. You can, also, find more Info/links/ Discussions by using our Tool: Search This Community.

    Thank You for joining us & sharing your story. We All need to Know we Ain't Alone! You are on a New Journey & Education & Support will help more than you Know! Hope you keep us posted. Continue to Ask Questions or Voice your concerns. I'm Listening! HUGS!

    Love Candi
    BlazingTiger responded:
    Be glad you don't have your seizures daily. A seizure disorder is the new p.c. or sugar coating it. It is still epilepsy. I know how you feel when you say dislocated shoulder.. I have had that happen a few times as well as numerous concousions. To make matters worse I am also legally blind from a head trauma. Stress & diet as well as other factors can cause seizures. Another thing are you taking any b complex vitamins at all? My memory just went into overdrive here. Some time recent Candi put up a post about coconut oil being helpful as well. It wassaid to be benificial to alzheimer & patients with epilepsy.

    EMAGALSKY responded:
    I agree with dancer86442. Check out some other alternatives, such as diet. My husband, fiance at the time came across We decided to give up gluten, dairy, corn and soy (the big four) if you check out Dogtor J's site He will explain more on that. I didn't have the same type of seizures you are having, I had partial complex seizures, but I haven't had a seizure since we started this diet, so for about 4 months. Not to mention, it's made me feel all around well and healthy. I am 24, and I started having seizures at 12... pretty spot on in age. It's crazy how his research makes since. You're body gets to a point where it can't handle those foods anymore (hyper sensitive) and it reacts in the form of seizures. I'd encourage you to check it out.... it was a bit of a sacrifice giving up some foods, but it was well worth it!! Hope you find your answers.
    dancer86442 replied to EMAGALSKY's response:
    A New author w/ Diet Books approved by Different DRS & testimonials from Patients who tried this. Also, good for other Ailments. Search for Author: Jeff Primack. People are Still taking their meds, but those who continued to have seizures After Meds reported no more meds. My Sister's Homeopathic MD has her (Diabetic w/ Catamenial (Hormonal Fluctuations) Epilepsy) & Hubby (Prostate Cancer Surgery survivor) on the Fruit & Veggie Juice Diet.

    Love Candi

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