keppra and weight gain
An_247261 posted:
I was put on keppra in Feb. and work out hard 4 days of week. I eat about 1500 calories a day. I can't fit into any of my clothes, decided I needed to add heavy weights to my workouts. Clothes that fit well in Decemeber can't even be buttoned now. Nothing fits, I hate to get dressed. Yesterday I decided it must be the keppra, I also have hypo thyroid, I was tested in Jan and was 1.9 which is good. I want to be tested this week to see if it has changed. I read that keppra changes your metabolism. I am sad because I feel great on it but how I feel about by appearence is horrid. I want to cry. I have nev er been this large in my life. People would look at me and say I look great, but I don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe