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    EP question
    hula_dancer73 posted:
    I have had 3 szs today that started out as PArtial that went into a T/C. Iahve been running intermiitent feveres and amall congested with a runny nose adn some coughing and a sore thraot.

    I know that this kind of stuff can cause a sz, but how and why.

    howdoes being sick cause a sz.

    I know I have alotof knowledge but I never understood why illnesses cause szs.

    EMAGALSKY responded:
    From my knowledge and understanding seizures are triggered more commonly when you are under great stress. Whether that be emotional stress or physical stress (illness included). I know for myself that that was the case, in high school during finals I was having seizures, right after my boyfriend broke up with me I was having seizures, all due to the emotional stress. And I know for a fact that I've also had seizures in the past while my body was under the weather. It seems odd that just a little cold can bring down our defenses and stress the body out, but it can. Perhaps try to take a relaxing bath with some soft music to relax your body.And make sure to get plenty of rest, not only important to fight off the cold, but also our bodies should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep (on a consistent schedule) I hope you feel better soon!!
    BlazingTiger replied to EMAGALSKY's response:
    I do agree with you to a point. Sleep is very important. Stress I mention all the time. As well as a host of other conditions beyond EP. Also I find when a person has a illness dehydration can also trigger seizures as well. I have found this to happen a lot.

    EMAGALSKY replied to BlazingTiger's response:
    Good to know that Jason, thank you! I know staying hydrated is good for the body, but never realized that dehydration can also trigger seizures. Thank you for sharing.
    dancer86442 replied to BlazingTiger's response:

    I Know I have told Lots of PPL & maybe even you over the YRS. Illnesses Lower your Seizure Threshold. Add what Jason & Em said: Seizure Activity.

    You have Noted B4 that Fevers/illnesses can Induce Seizures in Some Children. Happens to Adults, too! All depends if child or person is Susceptible to Seizures. Everyone's system has a High or Low Seizure Threshold. Yours is, obviously, Very Low & so, illnesses are more likely to stress your system & cause Seizure activity. Do you Understand??

    Love Candi

    Love Candi
    hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
    I understand, now.

    My neuro eve ntold me I have a VERy low sz threshold.

    When I was in the hospital for my jaw surgery, after it was over I was running fevers as high as 103.2. I had a sz infront of my mom and my 2 RNs.

    My mom had to swipe me 2times.

    THey have/had heard about the device and have read about it but never saw it in a living person. So they were saking her a bunch of questions and they thought the VNS was cool, but NOT the sz.

    Before the sx my mom had to warn them about the szs,and even had a neuro in the room at the same time with some electorodes on my head.

    There were some spikes on the EEG every here and there.

    But I was under enough ansthesia that it did not break-thru. The ansthetics have anti-sz properties to them, plus the sz meds I had to take before hand.

    I have a low threshold like you said and that was part of why i have hte VNS.

    IF you are wondering about the "sx" it ia the medical abbriviation for surgery.

    hula_dancer73 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    hi Candi.

    sick again, this time in my sinuses. Just can not blow it outit would ratherstay up there, I have headaches and all that.

    Ihad a sz about 2 weeks ago. bu t hat was before I got sick,

    Are we going to have a repeat perfomance here in HI?

    like I did in PHX?


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