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I'm curious
Anon_37284 posted:
When I was younger I would space out and then jerk back to attention. I vaguely remembering that my parents believed it was because I was fighting going to sleep but I don't think I was falling asleep each time. I researched it and found that they are called hypnic jerks. However if it happens outside of falling asleep is this something I should be concerned with?

Another instance I had growing up (and sporadically as an adult) was that on the mornings I had difficulty getting up I would have these arm jerks. What would happen was that I would try and grab clothing from my closet and my brain would tell my arm what it wanted to do however my arm would jerk and spasm way off target and it would be difficult to focus my arm to grab the clothing.

I also feel a weird buzzing almost a hum and a headache behind my eyes (I believe that is either temporal or frontal lobe). Is this normal? Simply a sign of stress? What would that symptom be called medically anyhow?

I deal with on a regular basis pareidolia and will see faces in about everything and anything. (Aside from that I also have a need to find patterns in things). Is this something to be concerned about in connection to bipolar or anything else?

I was recently given lamictal because of having a bipolar disorder (possibly cyclothemia) and will be starting an antidepressant soon.

Now I guess I wanted to know if these things I experience are ones that I should be mindful of and if they require further look into or if they are simply a result of stress or lack of sleep.

Thank you.
dancer86442 responded:

Yes, be Mindful! In fact, Start a Journal! What & Why? More Info under Tips. A Journal can help w/ Bi-Polar symptoms, too. You &/or DRS can, eventually, note patterns that Trigger Episodes.

Any or All of the 'symptoms' you have had or are having Could be seizures. Spacing out: Absence seizure. Jerking/spasms: atonic seizure. Seeing or Smelling things that others' don't is considered a simple partial or Aura. Look for Epilepsy Facts & link: under Resources for descriptions of Seizure types/symptoms. Ringing/buzzing sound was reported as 'common' in ppl w/ or w/out Epilepsy. So, hard to say. But, New Research has developed treatment for this.

Lamictal has multi uses. But, it is an anti-seizure med, also. How long have you been on this?

Personally, I would seek a Neuro or Epileptoligist (seizure specialist) Tell them everything you have mentioned here & have the Routine tests done. MRI/EEG/ blood work. Then, seek another opinion, if you get No answers or 'Normal' tests. A clear/normal MRI is Good. No tumors/cysts/lesions to cause neuro problems. EEG's are not the most reliable test. Seizure Activity Must be present to be Noted. A Lot of us don't have seizure activity 24/7.

Keep in Mind: Seizure activity can be a Result of Lack of Sleep &/or Stress. (Lack of sleep can cause More Stress to your system, too!.) They Are considered Triggers for Ep or Bi-polar symptoms. Another thought: You Mite have been diagnosed incorrectly w/ Bi-Polar. Then again, you Mite/can have both.

Either way, you are now on a Journey! Continue to Educate Yourself about Both Disorders. Know What to Watch For! And Never, Ever Discredit Anything that is Not 'Norm' for you. Whether it concerns your Symptoms, Diagnoses OR Medication 'pros & Cons'. Some DRS just don't know. But, the Info IS out there. If DRs say "never believe what you read on the Internet". I have been Researching for over 20 yrs. I have Yet to run across 'False' Info. As for symptoms/side effects, Drs say "No Way"! I always say 'Bull'. And Researchers eventually catch up & say "yep, that Happens!" I,also, seek another DR!

To find a Good DR, visit (link in Tips &/or Resources) No need to join to read articles. Posted on the Rite is a List of DRs recommended BY ppl w/ EP. Use her Search bar for Info about Bi-Polar & Epilepsy. I do believe I read one on there.

Love Candi

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