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    hula_dancer73 posted:
    Hi all,

    I have another question.

    My neuro finally dxd me with Medically Refractory Epilepsy or MRE.

    This may seem odd to you, but what is refractory?

    He also said I have Adult Partial On-Set Epilepsy as well. That dx was well before the last one I found out this last time I went to have it adjusted.

    It was a great visit and the battery power is good adn it is just starting to pull away from the top of the battery symbol.

    I am hoping that this one will last longer that my other one. The other one was replaced on August 25th of 10. So already past that and still going.

    No more muscle spasms and am breathing fine now. I had to switch the wrists with the magnet and the MedicAlert bracelet, becuase I was just getting all fist when I tried to swipe. It worked, but some of it not in time.

    So now I can catch them just about every time now. Auras included. I am so use to it being on my elft wrist for years and years, I have to try and remember to take it off to shower and doing the dishes and going in the pool. I have another one just in case I need it. He gave me another one so I could take it back to HI with me.

    I did not have it switched until today. So 3 days ago I had areally bad sz a NASTY Complex Partial that went into a T/C. I also had a drop attack the day before that. There is nothing I cna do with those. I have no warning and they just drop.

    But I am having more good days than bad.

    dancer86442 responded:
    Nancy, If you type those words refractory epilepsy into 'Search this Community' near Post Now. You will find a discussion from 3 yrs ago, where you answered this Exact Question! This is Not News to You! You knew what it was & that you had it, Yrs ago!
    hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
    sorry I did not remember. I havememory problems that go with it and you think I am going to remembwe something from 3 years ago. BUT he said it again. Is he trhing to empahsize something or what. THe adult on set ep was dxd in 03, ut the refrcory stuff is new to me. Eve if I said something about it then, i do not remember 3 years ago, but I will believe you.


    dancer86442 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    Not Sorry! Apology & Not Necessary! But, did you find & read the Post? Do you now Know the Answer, now? is what I'm trying to ask.

    Your DR may have realized you had forgotten, also. &/Or he May Have been trying to re-emphasize the Type of EP you have. But, either/or: Why didn't he Explain the Term??? Why didn't you Ask?? I know DR visits can leave us confused/bewildered/whatever. We hear the terms & just don't think to ask, becuz, the DR is ramblin on about other stuff & don't give us a Chance to Ask. Then our Time is Up & Good-Bye. See ya next Appt. I Hate That!

    As for Sinus Infections: Try searching for Cayenne Pepper & Sinuses on your Search Tool. It has Lots of Vit C & is All Natural. I know several PPL who use it & It Works for them.

    Love Candi
    hula_dancer73 responded:
    sorry I said that about the MRE I had forgotten that it was in several posts over the years including this year.

    I just plain forgot.



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