hula_dancer73 posted:
hi all.

I hhad 4 szs in one hr, in the middle pf the night. 4 of them

I am not walking that great sorta like a drunk, I had 2 complex partials and 2 T/Cs. totally exhausted from them.

I am fried from all tat. I jhad sucj a headache aftrweads that i had to take one ultram.

This is getting way too sloppy.

I will talk to everyone later

BlazingTiger responded:
Yikes!!!!!! Sorry to hear that Nancy. Hope you are doing better today.

Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
(((HUGS))) hula!

Please send an update - I was away from the office over the last 4 days and I"m sorry I just saw this!
hula_dancer73 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
hi haylen.

I am fine from that for now.

The o ther night I had one in Wal-Mart and fell backwards to the floor and hit my head.

Have a nice goose egg. slept alot DX--concussion.

now I am back in a cast and on crutches again and will need surgery after the PT fails like it did 3 years ago and had myankle revised then. THen will have surgery on my right ankle. When it gets to that then I I will let you know.

My neuro even sighned my cast for me when I went tog et the VNS adjusted some.

hula_dancer (nancy)