Discovered I have another Seizure type..
BlazingTiger posted:
Thats right I or should I say my son or we did. He asked me if I was ok. He said I seemed really far & away. No convulsions though. All the other symptoms are the same. Dry Mouth & throat ( Kinda like I swallowed a fist full of sand. tired & lethargic & excessively tired & massive headache. I took all this into consideration concluded it isn't a grand mal. but I suspect it is an absence seizure. Done a lot of research & this is what I can conclude from what my son said. Just lovely.

dancer86442 responded:
Hi Jason,

Well, that is the Pitts. But, don't let it get you Down! Did your son mention if he had noted this B4? Or is this a 'First' as far as you guys know? I assume when he asked you if you were OK, you didn't respond. Did he note how long you were 'absent'? I sound like a Doc, don't I? Speaking of Docs: When is your next appt?

Jason, I know I had a lost time episode a few yrs ago. Which is why I quit driving, Again. I am not sure how often, but, they Still occur. I can still feel myself 'snapping out of it' when we were on the roadtrip. I was gonna chalk it up to being 'tired', but, Now, I ain't so sure. Why? Hubby has gotten irritated at me a few times w/in the past mth. Claiming I ain't listening to him. I catch a word or 2, then have to ask him what he is talking about, cuz, I didn't hear his full statement. He said it was becuz I was on the comp & not paying attn. But, I Know that ain't True. I Was in front of the comp. But, I wasn't reading/typing or playing a game. Each 'blank' moment would be only a few seconds. Same as on the bike. Unfortunately, he was in the kitchen, across the room from me & wasn't watching Me. Just talking as he fixed his meal. I can recall all that. So, why couldn't I recall his sentences/topic? My 'aftermath' I was a bit 'confused' as to Why I wasn't 'hearing everything'. A headache, (Rare for me) Plus Tired, even though I had had a good nap. I am More on the Alert, now. I have to be, since he refuses to 'See' or even consider the 'possibility'.

Hang in there Jason. We have survived the Convulsions numerous times. We will get thru this, too. I already know what the doc will say/do. Add another med. Change my med. One or both. I'm gonna try Diet B4 I try changing meds! Just gotta find a Nutritionist to get me started.

Hugs to you & your son. Love Candi
saxofone1 responded:
Hi Jason,

Wow, does that seizure bring back memories. The ep you described sounds like my first one back in '75. I too had that out-of -this-world stare with no response to anyone. No recalll as to what happened during taht time. Headaches and fatigue were a part of it too.

The docs right away said " petite mal". Later tests determined pshychomotor(nowadays called complex partial). My seizures have had a definite change over the past 37 years. Basic stare, smacking the lips, pulling at clothes, etc.

It is possible for seizure types or actions to change over a period of time. You might be right about having two different types. Many people do.

Have you had an EEG recently? Any recent med changes/additions?

This could be just a single episode. Though my seizures were determined to be complex partial, I did have a few convulsions back in the 80s.

Jason, if you've been dealing with convulsions all these years, you have part of a new seizure type already handled.

Stay strong. Hang in there. You've had a fumble so check your playbook for the next possible set of downs that will move you forward. Don't sit on the bench.

love to your son and you,

hula_dancer73 responded:
Hi Jason.

Do not feel badk I have more than one type. They never come out though.

I have T/Cs, Absence, Atonic (drop-attack), Myoclonic, and reflex to lights.

I was really sick one about 5 years ago on here and had all those types.

Sincethen I have only Complex Partial szs. now I have anoither type that was dxd several months ago wioth no name. I get REALY REALY dizzy and can not walk, stand up and run into things and fall over.

I am going to assume that I had a drop attack in there and was not knowcked out at all. I knew everything going onaround me. Had no clue who the 2 people were trying to help me were.

One was a care taker and the other one has a sister with epilepsy.

YEs it is real lovely like you said.

I even have to wear a helmet sometimes.

Jsut ask Candi, she can vouch for me.

BlazingTiger replied to dancer86442's response:
Yes Candi you do sound like a doctor. I know I am going to get jumped all over once I post this but here goes. I have not been to a neurologist in about a year. I moved from Georgia to Pennsylvania. My Neuro was a complete QUACK.... Refused to go back to him. There is no appt in the immidiate future. My son said it was about 5 min.

dancer86442 replied to BlazingTiger's response:
Hey Jason,

I ain't gonna Blast you. WHY? Cuz, you would have to Blast Me! It's been more than a yr since I saw my Neuro. I wasn't experiencing what I do Now. I Know Better! But, they are sooo infrequent. If they happen on a more Steady basis, then I will Go. I have a Good PA Neuro. The Neuro she works for mite not be a Quack, but, his Manner/Attitude sucked or were Sorely Lacking!

You on the other hand are in a New Place w/ New Resources. Not all DRS are Quacks. You Know That. You also Know it takes Patience to Locate a DR you Like/Trust! Did you visit & chek out the DRs that mite be available in your area? Phylis, epilepsytalk journalist, is Located in Penn, I believe. Also, a Friend of mine on FB.

5 minutes is a Long time for an absence seizure. So it seems. But, others have mentioned HRS. So, maybe not so long. But, I agree w/ Angie. If this Does Happen again, 'Get Off the Bench' Seek Help!

Love Candi
BlazingTiger replied to saxofone1's response:
That I am aware of Angie that was the first absence seizure I ever had. Been quite some time since I had an eeg done. No recent changes in meds. If it happens again hope not but you never know. I will seek help. Nancy with my vision or lack there of me & the doorframe have had several run ins & I lost everytime. I have no perifreal vision at all. Have dislocated each shoulder more times than I care to count. Not to mention the knots I have gotten from seizures I to get drop attacks. It amazing I haven't hurt myself worse than I already have been lucky. quite a few concussions too.