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    saxofone1 posted:
    Good things do happen. By now, all of you should know that I am a fighter. I have a goal and I do my best to fulfill it.

    This is leading up to sharing with you that I have been able to begin living indepently again. I gave up my apt in Mpls to move to Vegas with my parents in '07.

    With the help of the Southern Nevada Center for Independent Living(SNCIL) and Accessible Space, Inc(ASI), I recently moved out of Sin city into Henderson, NV, just east of Vegas.

    The SNCIL and ASI are two organizations who work with people with disabilities to assist them with housing, employment, counseling, state assistance, etc. These two groups share our beliefs that a disabitliy is no reason to quit searching for your own dreams.

    I'm sharing this news with you because I want you to feel that it is possible to acheive what you want. You simply need to be strong and determined, and find the right support team. Don't give in to those who wish to keep us in a box because they doubt that we are able to do, or to be a productive person in society.

    The first step is always the hardest and the most important whether it's to return to school, brain surgery, or to reclaim your life from your family. It is possible. Think about it.

    dancer86442 responded:
    Fantastic News, Angie! I am sooo Proud of you & your New accomplishment. I'm Glad these Organizations, in NV, were able to assist you. I hope you Like Henderson. I Think I know where you have been re-located. Is Henderson on the same Highway as Searchlight?

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Hi Candi,

    I think I'm going to love Henderson.

    I do believe that Henderson and Searchlight are off the same Highway, Boulder Highway.

    Being able to move about and have room to breathe w/o family interferenced(or others depending on me for simle household duties) is going to be a good for my health(physical and mental). A big burden has been lifted from me.

    Remember the song R. Kelly wrote, "I believe I can fly"? I have spread my wings once more.

    Thanks for your thought,

    clarinet2 responded:
    Congrats Angie!
    I bet you feel better to have your space and independence back!
    Keep checking the phone to see if it is me or your mother checking up on you

    BlazingTiger responded:
    That is absolutely wonderful news. I am looking to move into my own place soon to. probably sometime in spring. Independence is its own reward.

    saxofone1 replied to BlazingTiger's response:
    Thanks Jason,

    I wish you the best when you make that move. I'm rooting for you. Let us know when it happens.

    Norton47 responded:
    I'm pleased to share in your great achievment, and hear your thrill of success. I'm also pleased to hear that there is assistance in your community. I live in Worcester, MA, supposably the best state for disabled. Yet people with epilepsy don't qualify for services from the independent living center, or even Easter Seals.

    Keep up your faith, and you'll find that you can succeed. Like myself you may even break the rules occaisonaly. Cooking with a stove, instead of a microwave. Showering by yourself, and doing work around the house.
    saxofone1 replied to Norton47's response:
    Thanks Norton,

    That's terrible that people with ep are excluded for assistance in your area. Another unfair discrimination.

    I lived in Mpls for 14 yrs before I landed in Vegas in '07. During my stay, there were many programs for people with ep as well as excellent medical care. Unfortunately, due to state budgets, many of those programs are struggling to keep afloat.

    This is actually my second time of having a place of my own. I had a place of my own for about 13 yrs while I was in Mpls. I choose to move to Vegas with my parents. I often regretted that move cause I did miss my apt(my own kitchen, a clean apt, my own schedule,etc).

    Why don't people with ep qualify for such assistance in your state? Is this something that can be addressed?

    I feel I'll be okay once these initial bills are paid. You know, that firtst phone/internet/cable bill. And I will enjoy grocery shopping again. No more quick meals. It 's time for shrimp creole, corned beef and potatoes, and seafood salads!!! The refrigerator is mine again.

    I wish you well with finding any assistance that will be profitable to you.

    hula_dancer73 responded:
    hi angie.

    I commend you for taking action so you can live on your own again.

    I lost a scholorchip in high school for softball, and I can unnderstand why, I can not drive, I have lost anything to do with my degree, It is being wasted away since I can not work.

    I have a degree in Health Care Related Services with a minor in Pyschology.

    I was an EMT then a Parmedic, worked and spent time volunvteering in the ER which I thought was really cool.

    I saw everything in the ER, or so I thought. Everythime you think you saw it all something new rolls thru those doors.

    I had to talk sown several bi-polar people that were WAY out there in left field , later to find that neither of them took their meds one did not take hers for several weeks and the other onejsut stopped so she was a Chatty Cathy.

    I helped docs with stiching up people, got causght in the hall doing nothing with another worker, and had to follow around a doc all day doing whever he said. Not bad becuase it was fun for me.

    I love that kind of stuff.

    Can not do it any more. Szs are too unpredicable.

    I do want to move on and start taking classes at UH and get a degree for Certified Paharmacy Tech. It is a 2 year program. I know most of my drugs from the 7 classes I had on them and the couldntless papers I had to do. SO I should do well.

    I hope that they let me in.

    Jasyn has nothing against it. The doc has nothing agaisnt it so i have to have my credits transfered to UH and get in.

    That is in the future but wish I could do it now. I have to wait a year at least to see what my szs do.

    UH stands for the University of Hawi'i.

    IT is located in Honolulu somewhere outside downtown which is a real zoo.

    we went to Waikiki beach today and let the kid go in the water. I had to watch carefully. But it ended with a picninc.

    Then home. So I can do somethings and I am definaltey exposing epilepsy awareness month.

    unfortuanlty the colors around here are green and white.

    talk to you later,

    hula_dancer (Nancy)
    saxofone1 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for your support.

    I wish you well on the journey to return to college. It's never too late. You can move forward also.

    hula_dancer73 replied to saxofone1's response:
    hi angie,

    I want to go back to become a certified pharnacy tech.

    Will not be able to work but that will beet doing nothing around here.

    I would be going to UH (Univsity of Hawi'i)Since I am living on O'ahu I can get people to drive me there and pick me up.

    I can also take the handicap bus there as well.

    THere is a paramedic on that bus. Something that NEVER happened in PHX.

    They had DIal-a-Ride.

    just get on and ride. NEVER reliable.

    This one takes people to college and gets them after you call them.

    Sometimes the bus I took inPHX sometimes had you waiting as long as 2-3 hrs to get back on becuase they are making ither pick ups.

    Rthen I had to call a friend who was also livid abd they came and got me.

    THis bus is ON TIME for EVERYTHING!

    IH ad a sz today and it was a doozy

    Oh well.

    There is a new drug that the FDA relased and I am going to the mainland tomorrow because I see him on the 15th.

    I am going to ask him about that and see what his take is on it.

    see you later.

    saxofone1 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    Hi Nancy,

    Dreams can often be realities that are yet to happen.

    Keep moving forward.


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