Our Amazing Community Featured on Facebook
Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:

As Candi pointed out in a post, one of our discussions was featured on the WebMD Facebook page yesterday:

If you have epilepsy or care for someone who does, the members of our Epilepsy Community suggest keeping a journal to track your health. So, what would you track besides seizures? Learn more. Do you journal? http://forums.webmd.com/3/epilepsy-exchange/forum/2115/6

The post received 100+ "likes" and a comment from our own Jeanne Phelps. The WebMD Facebook page has 162,000+ fans so this exposure might reach others who could benefit from this smart and supportive community

Have a great day everyone!


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BlazingTiger responded:
make that 162,001

dancer86442 responded:
I posted in 5 Groups. Everyone is Ignoring the article about Journals. I did note that they did not include the URL for the Journal. The URL was the discussion between me & Amy w/ My Mention of where to find the Journal Info. I'm Glad to hear the Wall Post got so many Likes. I did get 1 comment about the 11 pills that cause Depression.

Thanks Jason! I'm Glad to hear you follow WebMD on Facebook, also. I know I commented on the Wall Photo. I do hope WebMD Posts More Info in November. Epilepsy Awareness Month! Maybe post 1 Fact/link/info per day/week? To Support those w/ Epilepsy & educate those people who do not. HUGS! Haylen & Jason!

Love Candi
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to BlazingTiger's response:
LOL - Thanks Jason!

Candi, I'll do what I can to support this community and epilepsy awareness month.

What we find on facebook is that people rarely go into community to comment, most action takes place on the page.

But I think it's a win-win if we helped one person find this great community or take action to help themselves or a loved one, ya know?

dancer86442 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes, Haylen,

For us it is, basically, one Person at a time. Who knows when someone is truly 'Listening' &/or decides 'I need to know more'. I have known since you joined us of your Love & concern for each of us. You have Proven to Me that you can & will, Always, Support us. We just need WebMD to do more of the same. By showing these public Forums that they are doing All they can to make the Public Aware, too.

BTW: Newest News: Epilepsy Therapy Project (the people who started epilepsy.com) & the Epilepsy Foundation of America have Merged. Joining forces, so to speak. Hopefully, they will work well together & raise the Funds we need for More Support, Awareness & Research.

Hope you had a Good Day & an even Better Tomorrow. I do Hope the Docs help make your finger Better. My GF suffered an infection in her middle finger last yr. The infection & finger healed, but, she now has a permanent Straight Up Middle Finger. Even PT did not return her finger to normal use. Pray that ain't so for you.

Love Candi