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New Auras with no Seizure
An_248502 posted:
Hi Everyone,

I've been suffering with Epilepsy for approximately 14 years (late adolescent onset). My seizures are consistent; grand mal, no aura, generalized.

I suffered two seizures a couple of weeks ago on the same day, which is not normal for me. The first did not involve convulsions, but was witnessed at work. The second was in line with those described above.

My question is around auras. I've never had them in the past (and didn't on the occasion mentioned). That said, when I reflect back over the year, there were a couple of scenarios where I had a feeling that very much felt like an aura (or as I've seen/heard them described). The symptoms included a general feeling of something "not being right", extreme nausea and dizziness. During these scenarios I sat down, head between my knees, and the feeling soon passed. I didn't suffer a seizure (that I'm aware of), and people were around. I suspect these as auras, as they were different from anything I've ever felt before (in terms of dizzy spells, nauseousness, etc.)

Has anyone else had a sudden onset of auras? Is this normal? Unfortunately I just met with my Neurologist, and neglected to mention this (as I hadn't put this all together).

Any thoughts or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
saxofone1 responded:

Yes, I believe it is possible to have an aura and have a seizure. During my early years of ep, I would have many of these sensations w/o a seizure occurring. Some other people I have talked with experience the sensations w/o seizures.

My seizures began in '75. I then had the warnings(bad taste in throat, tingling in hand, or funny feeling in stomach.) Time passed and these sensations no longer were a part of my ep. Though I could tell that I had had a seizure because of tge bad taste in my mouth or the loss of time.

Some docs feel that sensations/auras could be very small seizures that move extremely fast. Too fast for them to surface visually. I'm not saying that this auras are seizures, but simply throwing out info. You know your body and what your seizures are like.

Are you keeping a notebook of your seizures? If so, think about including the sudden auras you have been experiencing. If you're not keeping a notebook, seriously consider starting one.

Since you forgot to mention it to your nuero, I suggest that you call the office and leave a message regarding this concern. That way it will be in the notes for your next appt.

You say that the two seizures you occurred on the same day isn't typical for you? Could your seizure pattern be changing? This is also something to consider.

Auras w/o seizures is a common experience. I don't think you need to panic.

I hope this has helped some.

dancer86442 responded:

I apologize for not answering sooner. I have an interesting List of Forms of Auras. Some of these may be Auras, but can, also, be attributed to Medications or other Factors.

Temporal Lobe seizures begin w/ Auras & act as a warning of impending seizures. (That is IF you can actually feel & remember the Aura. I Know! I had a Witness to an Aura that Was followed by a T/C. I had no Recall of feeling/doing anything odd. ) Auras are considered a simple partial seizure that has not yet gotten to the point of Impaired consciousness (passing out) So, if you note any of these symptoms, Get to Safety. They may or may not be followed by a Seizure, as I have noted. Better Safe than Sorry!

Forms of Auras: Sleepless Nite Nausea Headache Depressed Irritable Euphoric Fearful Old Memories Unfamiliarity De ja vu Strange taste Strange smell Nauseous sensation (rising from the stomach)

My witnessed Aura didn't fall under any of these categories. Except maybe Euphoric?? I was traveling in a car & started trying to get out of the car. Claiming it was my turn to dance. (Not an Old Memory, since I Was a Dancer. ) Then I ceased & slid to the floorboard & proceeded to Convulse.

I Agree w/ Angie! Note these 'episodes' in a Journal (More Info on last page of Tips. Clik See All! ) Take the Journal w/ questions to All DR appts!

Love Candi
hula_dancer73 responded:
those "no" szs are szs. The auras are in fact szs them selves. They are called Simple Partial szs.

They can occurr as a warning t hat a bigger sz is about to happen and sometimes they can occure just by themselves.

Ihave had 2 auras the entire t ime I have had epilepsy.

I smell a rotten like smell, or get a feeling in my stomach.

I have a sz dog that we had to pick up from Maui, but then after I had him for 3 weeks he got hit by a car.

Now I have another one and it is a 3 year old border collie named Fly. She is always on the fly to help me. She is from an organisation here on the islands called HHPs or Hawi'i's Helping Paws.

weather has been hot and humid. in the upper 80s.

Took them to a lau spelled wrong on Kauai. talked alot about the hx of the hawiians.

Fun, too.

The islands consist of Maui, Hawi'i or (the big Ialand) sioonce it is really named Hawi'i,O'ahu,Kauai. Thaose are the popluated isalnds.

THe other islands Niihau, Lanai, Molokai,Lanai, Kahooloawe do not have people on them. THey are used for aother things.

Their island music is VERY different too.


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