epilepsy med interation with other meds
siriusblack posted:
Does Lamictal interact with Metformin ? and Amloipine besylate ?
maybe THIS is the reason why I'm irritable who knows
dancer86442 responded:
Sirius, you really should ask your Pharmacist about that! DRS really don't know as much about our meds as we would Like or pay attn to add-on meds & how they react to meds we are on. Again, use the Drug Toll above to learn more aabout All your meds & possible Side effects.

Try the B-6. And Eat Healthy. Start keeping a Daily Journal while adjusting to your meds. More info as to what to include under Tips on the rite.

Need/want a new Doc? Visit epilepsytalk.com (Link posted in tips & resources, I believe. ) for a comprehensive list of Drs recommended by others' w/ Epilepsy. Maybe you can locate one near you that will take your insurance, too.

Love Candi