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    Epilepsy Awareness Month
    dancer86442 posted:
    What are you doing to Raise Awareness? I got my Purple Lites, Purple Clothes & an outside Plant sprouting Purple Blooms. Let your voice be heard, too. Share w/ Friends, Local stores, radio stations, newspapers & even your Local Library. Ask them to show their support &/or put up a poster or leave a card in visible site. Include: contact for more Info on how to: Raise Awareness.

    Stay Strong! United we Can 'Shout It Out' & Spread the Word! HUGS & Have a Great Month!

    Love Candi
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thanks for the reminder Candi!

    Click here for a great video from an actor in Los Angeles who has a 9 year old with epilepsy: Greg Grunberg for Now I Know

    The "Now I Know" campaign was just launched asking "When it comes to epilepsy, what do you know now that you wish you knew sooner?". The National Epilepsy Foundation is asking those with epilepsy, their friends, family and caregivers to share through a video what they've learned, and what resources have helped them.

    Candi - I'm sure you would be mentioned in many videos for being a great resource! You're such a valuable member of this community and I thank you for being here along with the other amazing "regulars" who welcome newbies, share information and give support.

    Hope everyone has a happy & healthy purple month!

    saxofone1 responded:
    Good morning, everyone,

    Thanks for the reminder, Candi.

    A young man in my support group is selling purple t-shirts to everyone. I don't remember what the shirts say. Thank goodness 'cause there's not one piece of purple clothing in my closet. I think I got away from purple cause that was my high school rivals color. And the Minnesota Vikings.

    Anyway, I guess I'll be making a trip to Walmart when I step out this morning.

    Candi and Haylen, you two are wonderful. It is not said enough how much you are appreciated and loved.

    Everyone, enjoy today and remember the change in clocks this weekend.

    hula_dancer73 responded:
    WHen I was kiving in PHX and belonged to the local ep fpundation they had something called a tea and you went ar ound and asked people to danoate money to the epilepsy foudation and bring in money and then invite 3 of them to drink tea and have snackes and do that at 3 pm.

    So I still drink tea at 3 pm HI time just to keep that going.

    no founfation here that I know of becuase of therer being somany islands and it being in possible, I have yet to check this one becuase it is the most comercailized of all of them.

    I also invite my mom and the same aunt that went with me to take a tour around the islands on the NCL cruise.

    I wear Suns stuff becuase heir colors area orange and perple.

    I have a ribbon pin that that is lavendar.

    so I am good to go for awareness month.

    dancer86442 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hi Haylen,

    I answered his Post on Facebook. My Answer: What seizures Meant/Involved. Daily Journals &/or Seizure Trackers. Medications & Education! All Learned Thanks to WebMD & the Epilepsy Community/ Support Group. And Still Learning!

    The EFA & other Pages are all asking for videos &/or Pictures. I've posted Pictures of me decked out in Purple. And another of a Purple Buffalo I took a pic of in Lolo, Montana this summer. I'm sure they were unaware of the meaning behind painting the Buffalo. Still a Goodie for Awareness. Purple & white. W/ Purple butterflies on the White. FB is keeping me Very Busy. I don't Mind. I Make Time to be Here & there for Everyone. It breaks my Heart to see soo many 'clueless' people. I can Still remember when I was in their Shoes.

    I haven't met anyone from WebMD on these Groups. Although I have recommended they visit us. Jason has been Very Good & joined me in several groups. I Bless the Day I found him & the Day he joined Us. I was truly Hoping WebMD would start November w/ More Info/facts. Hopefully, they will read this & do So Soon! I realize they have Lots of Info to share on Facebook. But, this is Our Month!

    Wear your Purple! Ask Friends & family to do so too. HUGS

    Love Candi
    dancer86442 replied to saxofone1's response:
    Angie, I was on a walk the other day & found a Purple Pipe Cleaner. Guess what? It Bends & twists to make an excellent Ribbon for my Purple Hoodie Zipper Pull Tab.

    I don't gotta change clocks. Az don't do that. HEHE! Love It!

    Love Candi
    dancer86442 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    Good for you Nancy. Do you go to Church or visit local Private Businesses? You can Inform them of Epilepsy Awareness Month. You'd be surprised by the number of People who say "OK, I'll show My Support". How about calling one of the Radio Stations? Or contacting your Local Paper? Can't Hurt! And ya don't have to Go anywhere.

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Hi Candi,

    Walmart came through, purple t-shirt with a skull design(felt the skull was appropriate for us), and a purple/black cap.

    I'm ready for the day!!!

    hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
    hi Candi,

    I always go to church and I now have an idea no that you said that. It can be put in the churchs newsletter at my church

    The news ads area no that bad eiather ,but we get a small paper here, about 6 pages.

    thanx for the ideas.

    dancer86442 replied to hula_dancer73's response:
    Nancy, You are Very Welcome! As for News Ad?? Better yet, Write a letter to the Editor. You can do this on-line. Our paper is just as Small. But, I found it on-line and wrote to the Editor. She Promised to do a Feature Story after reading the Info. I shared because they have a Quiz. A Good Quiz: What Everyone, uneducated, Needs to Know about Proper Seizure First Aide.

    Angie, Your Shirt Sounds Very Appropriate. I have several Purple Skull Caps. One is my Dew Rag & has Skulls.

    Love Candi

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