I am redoing this--werid sz
hula_dancer73 posted:
since it disappeared from the conversation along with Candi's response I am going to try again.

Iwas sitting in the living room with my daughter and husband abd while I was watching Tv I had a weird sz. I was listening to my CD player while watching the TV. My had kind of git "stuck" in one position and woul not move no matter how hard i tried, I was going to open and change the CD but couldn't

What t ype was this. It lasted 30-40 minutes and then was over as if nothing had happened.

to me weird!

dancer86442 responded:
Nancy I see the other 'weird seizure' post Still. But you are rite. there is no response. In fact, I don't recall posting a comment. I Know I didn't. I just cheked & Both Posts are 4 hrs ago. How to chek Immediately after Posting to see if your Topic went: Look above the Green letters Clik on the WebMD EP Community blue letters. Or clik your refresh tool.

Now a reply: That would be a complex seizure. You were Aware! You noted time it lasted. You didn't Lose Time. It could have been caused by the music or TV. Yes, Music/songs can have tones that our brains don't like. But, I remember you are Photosensitive, also. So TV makes sense.

Love Candi
hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
I forget how many types of szs I Have since all I have now are partial szs.