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    could gababpentin started making me have seizures?
    deannas021898 posted:
    I had a seizure last week for the 1st time. I am 32 and no family history of seizures. 4 years ago I suddenly lost feeling in both of my legs, spent 2 years in a wheel chair. Needless to say no one ever figured anything out. Countless doctors and hospitals and all I kept being told was that it was in my head. I had a great occupational therapist and physical therapist that helped me learn to walk again with only the 50% feeling I got back in my legs. The last 2 years I have been on gabapentin for the severe back pains and spasms, they have me on as needed 2x a day. I take it about 3-4 times a week. While sleeping before my overnight shift last week, my son and boyfriend tried to wake me when it was time for me to get ready. I was completely unresponsive. They said a few minutes later I started having a seizure. They had called 911 and the paramedics came while I was coming to and all I kept telling everyone is that I had to go to work. With that went into another seizure, and yet another in the ambulance. I dont remember anything from that night. Remeber being in a hospital bed hooked to an IV and getting pain meds. The ER doctor was talking to me about my back issues and while she was telling me nothing was wrong with me I went into another seizure. When bcame back out of it DR said nothing they can do and was going to discharge me. My son and boyfriend went to car to see if they grabbed socks and shoes and walked out with the Dr to talk in the hall when I yet again had another seizure. 30 minutes after that I was discharged with hydrocodone and a muscle relaxer. Could the gabapentin started me having seizures? I am scared to sleep and drive due to I am always getting the feeling like I am going to pass out/dizzy and sometimes feel like my head is in a fog. My boyfriend thinks I had a mild one the other night while sleeping. Any suggestions or advice? I am waiting to hear back from medicare to see if I am approved for insurance since I dont currently have.

    thanks in advance
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Deanna,

    Actually, Neurotin aka Gabapentin is used for Seizure control, too. You said you take it 3-4 times a week? I just used our Drug/Supplement Tab Above. This is part of what I read. Please use the Tab to read More! This med, even if used for Pain, is Supposed to be taken as directed by DR. But Info goes on to Note: Should be used Every Day, Same Time! It is Important to maintain a Steady Level for it to work Properly! There are several Different Types of Pain Noted. Seizures Are Not listed as a side effect. But, discuss it w/ your Pharmacist. Maybe it is a Rare Side Effect. Have Blood Levels Drawn to determine if your Levels are Normal!

    While waiting for Insurance Info: Start keeping a Daily Journal. (More Info under Tips) Learn Proper Seizure First Aid & teach your BF & your Son & others' you are in contact with, what to Do & what to Watch for! If seizures are timed & last for less than 3 minutes & you are unharmed there is No Need for the ER. Make an APPT w/ a Neuro ASAP!

    It is said Everyone will experience at least 1 seizure in their Lifetime. But, you have had more than 2 & that IS considered Epilepsy. Question now, will be up to your Neuro to determine: Is it Epilepsy or PNES Aka Psuedo non-epileptic Seizures. Yes, psuedo means Fake, but, that doesn't Mean you are Faking them! It is just a Term used by DRs & Researchers & very Misleading as it IS Very Real! And can be just as Dangerous as Epilepsy. Difference: They need to be Treated Differently! A Neuro-psych can help you w/ that!

    Get Sleep! Lack of Sleep can Stress the Body/system/brain & create More Seizure Activity. Unfortunately, you Will Have to quit Driving, till this issue is Resolved & you are seizure free for whatever Time your State DMV allows! Don't be a Victim or Harmful to others' by Ignoring This!

    Self-Education is the Key. Knowledge gives you Power! You Need to know as Much or More than your DRS! We have Weblinks for Epilepsy & Resources that Can Help! But, Keep in mind that 65% of People with Epilepsy are diagnosed with 'unknown cause'. It will take Time & Patience to determine what's what!

    Keep Sharing, ask questions, Vent or just lean on us for Support. Know I care!

    Love Candi

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