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Does this sound like a seizure, panic or anxiety attack?!
fototivity posted:
Hi, [br>[br>It usually starts out as a switch being flipped in my head. I usually have about 15-20 seconds of my heart rate increasing, at which time im trying to find a rest room. I then experience what are very brief clips of old dreams running through my thoughts. Also during this time, I usually have a huge urge to pee of which I cant hold. This lasts for about 10-20 seconds. As that finishes, I usually get an erection. Bout that time my heart rate decreases and I break out in hot flashes and sweat. [br>[br>This has become quite routine now, happening every 28-32 days and lasting about 1-2 days. [br>[br>Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on what the heck is going on!
dancer86442 responded:
I would recommend you see a Neurologist or Epileptologist, if you haven't already. To learn more about seizure symptoms chek out in our Resources. Some of what you related does sound like seizure symptoms.

Merry Christmas Love Candi
irishroots replied to dancer86442's response:
fototivity, this will be my first time trying to answer someone's question - usually I'm the one who's looking for answers.

First off, we know everyone's different, has different symptoms for the same illness, the symptoms may present in different ways, and there are tons of treatments.

I've had many, many anxiety attacks over the last 15-20 years (keep in mind we're talking about my symptoms only). My heart races, my palms get sweaty first, then the rest of me, I sometimes tremble, I hyperventilate so that I feel like I'm not getting any air in my lungs (breathing into a paper bag does help). I get lightheaded, a feeling of doom comes over me, I feel like I'm going to pass out...I think you get the picture.

I'm in the process of seeing a neurologist to determine if I have seizures and what kind they may be. One thing my neuro asked me is if I'd ever wet myself when I was having an "episode" (as we call them at home). I haven't (yet) but he said that could be an important diagnostic fact - given that all people are different.

I agree with Candi, especially since these symptoms seem to be pretty severe and may be very bothersome. I think seeing a neuroor an Epileptologist would be a good place to start. Even if you saw your primary physician (if you think he's a good doctor) he/she might be able to direct you to the appropriate specialist.

I hope you find some answers so your life isn't constantly disrupted like it has been.

Happy Holidays to you!

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