OT: ankle update
hula_dancer73 posted:
I knmopw that htis has nothring to do with ep but I jsut wanted tp let you know/update you on it.

I will be having it on the 27th and the time has been changed fro 7 am MST to 8 am MST. Getting there 2 hrs early before the surgery.

scraping out ALL the athritis in all the joints in the ankle, and cutting and tightening and shortining all the ligaments in the ankle and possibly the foot as well.

Sorry that it is not an ep thing,

hula_dancer73 responded:
hi all I have some almost final updating to do.

I had the wrapping taken off and the s tit es taken out and a boot on nad still on crutches for a few more weeks.

I am home in HI right now have to go back in 3 weeks, then done i thnk g.

I start PT at MY end in 2 weeks. That can be done here with a list of exersizes I brought back.

take care