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    Medication and seizures
    eorozco posted:
    Hi I have been lessening my meds due to financial and problems with my doctor who would not refill my meds without being totally up to date on payments and things like that. I have beenn lessening more and more till this last month. At first it was from 2 a day to 1 a day then 1 every 2 days, recently 3 days and now I have been out of my medication for a week. I thought that since I didnt have seizures but I do space out and have a hard time concentrating and remembering. I am in danger of losing my job. Could the concentration and memory issues be caused by the medication not taken the way it was prescribed?
    hula_dancer73 responded:
    the memory problems could have some todo with szs. becuase if you have partial szs of any kind can cause short term memmory loss and or problems associtated with it.

    I have Complex partial szs and I have memory problems as well. I make typos all the time especially after a sz.

    The concentration stuff may be from you taking yourself off your meds.

    NEVER take yourself off meds with out the doc's permission and do it HIS way!

    That can cause serious problems like status Epilepticus where you have one sz after another with out gaining any consiousness in between or one LONG one that does NOT stop.

    Your doctor put you on sz drugs becuase he wants you to toake them becuase he said there was a need for them. He gave them to you for a reason not just for his own heaaalth.

    There was a reason for i t.

    I take 3 drugs beyound the adult dosages

    I take Klonopin at a really low dose of 3 mgs.

    I also take Vimpat at 600 mgs adult dosage with that drug is 400 mgs, I also take Lamictal at 600 mgs adult dosage is 400 mgs. Have an implant called a Vagus Nerve Stimulator or VNS, as well.

    IF you continue to take yourself off the meds you can also go thru withdrawls and that is NO fun!

    I can not go with out my meds for a day or i have break-thru szs with in 12 hrs.

    PLease take your meds. Ask your pharmacist to fax your doc for whatever med you aer on and he will probably call it in, some times when you are in a fincail problems they may give you some to get you thru that hard time, at least mine does. One time he forgot to give me my refill one time and the pharmacist drove the pills out to my house ( I live in Hawi'i on O'ahu.)

    I wish you luck with this.

    I know it can be hard. It is hard for everyone on here to have to deal with the s/e of epilepsy/or drugs.

    good luck adn get back with your doc and get back on those meds.

    Nancy (aka Hula_dancer)
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello eorozco,

    Going off your meds w/out DR supervision, as Nancy said, is Dangerous! I suggest you visit your Human Resources aka Dept of Economic Security & ask if you qualify for assistance. Another Source for assistance would be the site. Search for the Epilepsy organization in your State & Contact them!

    Spacing out? That could be an Epilepsy/seizure symptom. Known as Absence Seizure. Please start a Daily Journal (more info under Tips) & note all issues not norm to you! Concentration & memory problems can be due to Medications or lack of &/or seizure activity. Past & present! Using Coconut Oil for food prep may help! Use your Search tool to learn more. Or Search this Community tool may provide a link for you.

    But, your biggest issue is DR & Meds. can help w/ the DR situation. And the Drug companies can help w/ med expense. Ask your Pharmacist for more Info.

    Another possibility 'Alternatives'! Have you considered using one of the Diets for seizure control? Visit Link found in Tips or Resources. No need to join to read Articles. Use Her Search bar w/ the word Diets, to learn more.

    I hope you will continue to visit & update us on your progress. Know we care! Hugs!

    Love Candi

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