hula_dancer73 posted:
why does my brain feel like it is getting squeezed sometimes?

it just feels like it is being wrung out by something.

I have never had this feeling before until a month ago. I am trying to get in to see my neurologists earlier than the 13th of feb.

That would mean going back to the mainland to do it but att his point I dont care.

I do not know if that is a small sz, or what it is.

I do know the brain itself has NO feeling. The meninges are what feel, not the brain.

howeer I would like some input to this if anyone has some insigiht, other than to see my neruo. That I am trhing to do.

I had a sz last night, so my spelling is off and alot of typos but do not feel like correcting themright now.

my ankle is in TOO much pain right now.


dancer86442 responded:

I do not think it is 'seizure related'. W/ your ankle surgery you have to consider the Stress you have been thru getting it fixed & now in recovery. All that extra stress may have caused Tension to build in your brain. Thus making it feel 'weird'.

Hugs! Love Candi