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    first and only seizure hopefully, my story
    cdking posted:
    On December 10th of this year I was shopping at Wal-Mart when I suffered a seizure. I remember none of the event, I know I started not feeling well and I remember wanting to call my husband and a faint memory of looking at my phone, then I woke in an ambulance outside Wal-Mart. The EMT explained that I was at Wal-Mart and had a seizure, I had bitten my tongue and had a large bump and cut on my head. I also did make the phone call to my husband, he said I was whispering and he could not hear me then the phone went dead, and I have no memory of speaking to him. I was then taken to the hospital where I was given blood tests and 2 CT scans one without dye and one with, as I am on blood thinners they wanted to rule out bleeds or clots right away. All test came out normal, I was told I could not drive for three months and was referred to a neurologist, I was then booked in for an EEG and a MRI, I recently had the EEG, and yet to get the results and have my MRI in one week. I am aware that there are many people who have a one and only seizure and hoping I am one of those. But I have a few worries that it wasn't a one-time deal. I had a really weird experience about two weeks before, I was out Christmas shopping when a was looking at magazines when I started getting slightly confused because I would be looking in one spot when something would happen and I would be looking at other part of the rack (it almost felt like my head did a little jolt, but sure it just felt that way) and then I would have to think hard at what I was looking for, I would finally remember and look again then it would happen again, I started feeling warm and a little scared so I decided that I would grab the ink I needed and leave, but when I got to the isle with ink it continued I would find the ink number I was looking for then I would be looking somewhere else and have to think really hard what number I was looking for, this continued for a while and I started really sweating. I finally got the ink and went to the till to check out and I started feeling better. I remember thinking that I was lucky that if I passed out I was in a good place, as the mall had a clinic and lab and a diagnostic lab. I don't remember how I felt before the seizure but I remember a thinking it feels like when I was shopping before, but I cant verify this. So I recently had the same feeling again while shopping and am afraid to tell my neurologist, what if I am just over reacting and its nothing, and I don't want to delay getting my licenses back. My sister has a panic disorder and I am afraid I am just having a panic attack. Has anyone had close to the same feelings and is there a reason I have to do a MRI when my two CT scans came out normal? I am a 33 y o women with 3 school aged children, and my family has had to readjust to a lot and I want to give them back their normal routine. I am on warfarin for having two pervious PE's and synthroid for hypothyroidism. Anyway that's my story so far thank you for reading!
    dancer86442 responded:
    Good Morning Ms King,

    Don't take this the wrong way. But, from what you have posted, it sounds to me like you are in Denial. You have actually experienced 2 seizure Types. The first (ink shopping) sounds like an Aura or simple complex AKA Absence seizure. The second (bitten tongue) is a the Worst to have. Tonic-clonic AKA gran mal. It sounds like you had an aura (forewarning) B4 the TC. 3rd was another Aura or absence. Honey, 2 'episodes' of similar symptoms=Epilepsy AKA Seizure Disorder. Next time (if there is a next time) Sit or Lay down ASAP! If you can, tell anyone standing near you to watch over/help you. Hopefully, someone will know Proper Seizure First Aide!

    Seizures do not Discriminate. They can happen at any Age! They can happen again the next minute, the next hr, the next day or Months Apart. So, Definitely tell the Neuro, Everything! Keeping Info like that from your Neuro is Not Good! How can he/she help you, if you hide the facts? Yes, it means you will not be able to drive. But do you really want to be responsible for putting your Life & possibly others, in danger? I Know You Don't! I, also, know how it Feels to have to depend on others' for Transportation. But, I have Learned to Cope w/ those Feelings. I have been able to drive, once I was sure the seizures were under control. But, even then, I wouldn't drive more than 10-15 miles & stayed on back streets. My seizures have been controlled for over 20 yrs & only w/in the past 5 yrs have I noted 'lost time' & Said Enough! I quit driving, totally. No Dr needed to tell me. I keep a drivers License for ID only, now.

    So, what to do? First, under Tips is a Post about Journals. There is another article under Resources about Seizure Diaries. Read both, please. We have Info about Thyroid & Seizures in our Resources, too. I Hope you will use our Tips & Resources. I am a Firm Believer in Education about All aspects of Epilepsy. Why? Cuz, with Epilepsy, you need to be your Own Best Advocate & knowing as Much or More than your DR will Help you do so. And don't just educate yourself. There are books available to help your kids understand. (Resources ) You can chek w/ the Research Librarian at your Local Library about availability of any Titles/Authors.

    Keeping a 'normal' routine is Good! Just use 'common sense'. Never Bathe, unless 'supervised'. Showers w/ shower seat is Best. Once out of the shower, open the door. That way if an incident happens you won't block access to someone who hears you fall.

    Yes, an MRI is Necessary. It does a Deeper scan than a CT Scan. But, Hopefully, it will come out 'normal', also. Normal means there are no cysts, tumors or scarring causing the Activity.

    Keep talking to us. None of your questions are/will be considered 'Dumb'. We are here to provide you with more than information. Support is Very Necessary, also. Keep in mind: You are Not Alone! And talking w/ others who know what you are going thru is a Big Help! Epilepsy Still carries a Big Stigma in the General Public. Even those Close to you mite find it 'hard to understand or believe'. Stay Strong! Know we Care! HUGS!

    Love Candi
    cdking replied to dancer86442's response:
    Thank you for your reply. You were very helpfully I will update as soon as I get all those fun test results back. Thank you again.
    saxofone1 replied to cdking's response:
    Hi cd,

    I have read your post as well as Candi's. Welcome to the group.

    Right now I have nothing additional to add to what Candi has already posted. She is on top of everything.

    I wish you the best on this new journey. We are here to help/guide you through this. Please ask all questions. And do keep us updated.

    A new friend,

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