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    Can Exposure To Materials Used in Old Homes Cause Seizures?
    Anon_35109 posted:
    I live in a house that is at least 100 years old, I don't know if or how much asbestos, lead paint, mold or mildew I may be exposed to. My question is, could any one of these be the result of my seizures leading to a diagnosis of epilepsy? No one else in the house seems to be affected. I grew up in another part of the country, so I have only lived in the present house, mentiened above, for about ten years. I don't remember any previous history of seizures before then. I don't think these chemicals etc. are in a large enough amount to affect anybody but I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask anyways.
    dancer86442 responded:
    I never discredit Anything when it comes to seizure triggers. All of us, w/ & w/out EP, have what is known as a 'seizure threshold'. Some high, some low. Those w/ a Low Threshold tend to have seizures. Seizure triggers for each of us can vary. I believe Phylis on did an article on 'Weird Triggers'. You don't have to join her site to read the article. Link in Tips or Resources. Then just type 'weird triggers' into the Search Tool on her site.

    Has your DR put you on medications? Treatments? Or discussed Causes/Triggers w/ you?

    Love Candi
    hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
    hi candi adn anon,

    I have szs when exposed to Latex paint.

    Iamallergic to latex in any form wehter it be IN something or is natural like food.

    I do NOT kow what occured but I can rem ember that I was sitting in a chair while my mom was painting the garage door with latex paint and within about a half hr I threw the sz. then after that one I threw a second one. No more latex paint fo rher, she went to using a different kind.

    I ws home from HI that time.

    So who knows if lead paint can cause YOU szs but I have heard of it doing that.

    That whole house sounds dangerous and i would get out and moveto a safer home and have that one condemed.

    people can not live with those things you live iwth currently esoecially with the mold issue especially if it is black mold.

    People have been known to develop cancer from the asbestos, so if I were you I'd get out.

    just from my experince as a paramedic with the black mold you iether haveto rip everything out and start from scratch and have a specialist come in with a team and clean it all up off walss and floors adn wehre ever it is or you can move out.

    thta stuff is mroe da ngerous than teh rest of it.

    y ou can very sick from the mold in and of itself.

    nottrying to scare you but when I was a medic we hauled away several people from the black mold in their homes.

    Good luck iwth whatever you decide to do!


    I live in HI on O'ahu in the Waikiki district of downtown Honolulu.

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