Uncontrolled Urination
kittyqqq posted:
Hello, hope everyone is well. ive been doing great, no seizures for months......but for the past 4 nights in a row i have peed the bed in my sleep. Also, one time i was awake and had to urinate so i headed to the bathroom and on my way i just peed, it came out of the bottom of my pants and went all over the floor, i didnt make it, there have been many other times i have feelings of severe urgency where i just barely make it to the toilet.now mind you, i am 33 years old but i think its time to start wearing depends. i was wondering if this may be seizure related,or if anyone else has experienced this..
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Kitty,
It's Good to hear you have been seizure free. HUGS! As to your incontinence: You need to go see your Dr. I know incontinence can be a problem for those who still experience seizures. But, from what you described I think it may be due to an underlying condition. Possible Bladder Infection??

Love Candi
hula_dancer73 responded:
don't feel bad about wetting the bed.

I wet it until I was 16. undxd ep but we didn't know it at the time. Neuro says T/Cs. that was as a teen, then they stopped and came out with a vengence in august of 03. 8 months after a head on car accident with a tree. They came back as Complex Partial szsand have never stopped.

that was when it was officially dxd.

sx was not going to help it due to 3 lesions on my left temporal lobe too clcose to valuable structures.

I still wetthe bed from time to time.

Sometimes I have towear adult diapers to bed or during the day. THAT is a real pain.

weting the bed in your sleep may be T/Cs in your sleep.

I know Iwould wake up all sweaty and wetto the core and the bed coverings were completely disheveled and kicked apart. drool on the pillow case etc.