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DanielleCrook posted:

I've been having seizers my whole life, the first time when I was born. Don't have them any more so I hope that I can be taking off before me and my boyfriend start trying to have are first kid. I don't know why it's hard to tell people about that I have to take meds for seizers. The biggest thing of taking meds. How will I be able to taking my meds if need to when I am pregnant with are first, and it won't do anything to are baby?
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Danielle,

Welcome to our family. How long have you been seizure free? Have you considered the fact that you are on meds & that is the reason you are seizure free? My Motto: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I have been seizure free for almost 25 yrs. I had a child while on meds. The best the Dr would do was Lower them. Having a seizure while PG is more dangerous to the child & you, then the risk of med side effects. A Lot of women have had 'Normal' children while on meds. Your Ob/Gyn & Neuro Need to be communicating, when you proceed to get PG. It is, also, recommended that you start Folic Acid B4 conceiving.

Having a Hard Time telling people? That's Sad! Lack of Public Knowledge is pitiable. Why is there such a Lack of Awareness? ? Becuz, people are afraid to talk to the General Public &/or seek others' w/ Epilepsy where they Can talk about it. Awareness about Epilepsy can only be Raised by Our Voices. But, it Starts in Forums Like these. I never discussed or knew anything about Epilepsy, till I joined this group 20 yrs ago. I Remain here to help you & others' . All of the people that visit here deserve to know: You are not alone. I am always here for you for Support & Answers or Advice. Please, keep us updated. Keep Learning! HUGS!

Love Candi