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    im new
    1madgal posted:
    hi im amy ,
    i found out i had seizures when i was 12 years now 33 and yes i still have them they have got worse.i have gran-masand i have jerks really bad the pett mals and i have these really bad jerks sometimes they do me alot of damage i would e talking and have a jerk ad forget what im talking about ive been sitting down having them and they take me off my feet my memory has gotten really bad. my visions of my past are terriblie where i live i have been here 4 years and i cant tell you how to get to any where around town cause i forget so quick i dont know why i feel like my head is full of mush im also bipolar too
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Amy,

    Welcome to our Ep Family. I have questions. What med/dose are you taking? For How Long? Meds &/or uncontrolled seizures can be responsible for 'memory loss'. Have you ever been in an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit &/or seen an Epileptologist (Seizure Specialist) ? Do you keep a Daily Journal (more Info under Tips) or a seizure Tracker (Resources) Have you ever heard of Catamenial Seizures? (Chek our Resources for more Info)

    You are not alone. There are Lots of people out there w/ more than 1 disorder. Did you know some of our anti-convulsion meds are used for Bi-Polar symptoms, too?

    My seizures are under control, but, my Memory (short & long term) is 'shot' too. I've lived here in my small town for 10 yrs & have problems remembering how to get to certain places. If I don't do something on a daily basis I forget. But, hon, if you are having seizures, you should Not be Driving. Period! So, it really isn't important to remember how to get places. Let your Designated driver worry about it.

    Your head feels like 'mush'? Well, that is another side effect of Meds. But, exercise (walking, biking, dancing, etc) & Proper Nutrition can Help!

    Another question: Has your Dr ever discussed Epilepsy Diets or other 'alternatives (VNS, Neurofeedback, Hormone/progesterone or Chiropractic) w/ you?

    Hugs! I hope you have a Good Day.

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 responded:
    Hi Amy,

    Welcome to the family.

    My first seizure was the spring of '75. I was just shy of 14.

    Many of my meds gave me memory problems, and one totally changed my moods.

    You hang in there. As Candi said, "You are not alone."

    Candi, as usual, has shared with you many of my thoughts and concerns.

    All your questions are welcome. Have a good day.

    your new friend,
    hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Candi I posted and it gave me the is not working thing and it has lost my post, but I said basically the same things you did and told her to touch base with you that you WERE GOOD!wuth this topic.


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