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    SoontobeMrsYork posted:
    My fiance had a seizure last night at a friends house last night it lasted about a minute to a minute and a half. He has told me about this before so it was a surprise but not something I haven't been completely blinded by. He has had 5 in the past 12 years and he can fill about 60 seconds before it starts that he is going to have an attack. His father and his brother both also have them he isn't sure to how often but they have had them as long as he can remember. He has never had any severe head trauma. My question is, can seizures be genetic? I've been looking at causes and the only ones that can really fit could be diabetes, a tumor, or aneurysm. He also doesn't want to go to the doctors about this so I am trying to get as much information as possible to build him a case as to why he needs to go. So any help would be helpful. thank you
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello, Welcome to Epland. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

    Yes, Seizures can definitely be genetic. Although some DRS will argue that just becuz family has seizures it does not mean that is what is causing His. I have at least 5 members of my family who have Epilepsy. My Daughter is the only one diagnosed Genetic & Hormones are the Cause. Sister has had them since infancy. Hers were diagnosed as unknown, then Post Traumatic Stress, then diabetic & finally, Hormonal. I had mine in Infancy/toddler stage w/ no known cause. 25 yrs later they were re-triggered by a head blow. But, I know I have Possible other causes, too. Including Genetic!

    Ok, reasons to go see a DR! He may feel that having so few doesn't require Dr. But, seizures Do have a way of changing. In Frequency & type as we age. You are aware that not all seizures are gran mal AKA tonic-clonic or convulsions? He says he has had only 5. But, those are only the ones HE was aware of or that were witnessed. I have had gran mal seizures awake & asleep & been totally Unaware of them. I have had Auras (the feeling B4 a seizure) & was unaware of it. My GF witnessed the Aura followed by a gran mal. I recently learned I have what is known as Wavy Line Syndrome. This type of Epilepsy occurs in childhood, happens during sleep & has No Physical Signs. Drs/researchers call them 'silent seizures'.

    My Sis was like your BF. She refused to see DRs or be treated. Even after a Heart Attack at age 36. Point: Seizures can damage the Heart! At age 52, she finally sought treatment from her Homeopathic MD. Why? Untreated seizures led to Severe Depression!

    You could point out that you want/need to know if your future Children will affected. But, treatment is His Option. If he doesn't want to go on medications, then the least he can do is consider some 'alternatives'. Such as Diets, neurofeedback, chiropractic Specialist, Yoga, meditation, etc.

    You Love Him. So, if he Still refuses to see a DR, Start a Journal for him. (Info under Tips) Remain Supportive & continue to do your 'homework'. I have a feeling the 2 of you will have Great Marriage, despite Epilepsy. Remember to take One Day at a Time. And ENJOY!

    I'm always here, if you have more questions, concerns or just need someone to talk to. You will be his Caretaker & You deserve Support, too. Speaking of Support: Check the site & see if there is a Live Support Group in your Area.

    Love Candi
    dancer86442 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Please chek this out & ask your Fiance to Tune In!

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