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No seziures for years then 3 in 7 days
An_250480 posted:
I really need some advice, I have myoclonic Epilepsy and have been fit free for a number of years and am not on any medication now.
Last Sunday I have a seizure that came out of the blue it lasted for over 2hrs and left me feeling exhausted and weak, I put it down to stress and a one off, but then on Friday I had another and again yesterday had yet another which lasted most of the day, today, I have an aura and am feeling quite spaced out!! I don't know what to do
Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
dancer86442 responded:
Call a Neuro or Epileptologist (seizure specialist) ASAP! What Else can you do? Start a Journal! (Info as to what to include under Tips. ) Under Resources: Questions for Doctor. Please read these articles.

I Hope you don't mind me asking: Why are you Off meds? Were they working for you back then?

Please keep us posted. Know I care! HUGS!

Love Candi
hula_dancer73 responded:
go to the ER NOW and ahve them look at you!!! You also need to go and find another neurologist ASAP!!!

SZs that last that LONG are called staus Epilpticus adh need emergency/medical help rite away or it could kill you.

Most szs do not last all day un less they are all broken up with minutes or hrs in between.

Auras are Simple Partial szs and usually are warning szs that something else bigger may/ or may not arrive.

Another thing fit and myoclonic szs do not go together in the smae sentence. "fits" are feferred to Grand Mals or Tonic-Clonics and myoclonics are myoclonics.
Myo means muscle and clonic means jerk. so you get muscle jerk, Tonic means stiffness and clonic means jerk, sio you will get stiff jerking.

YOu need to see a PCP that can/will referr you to a good neuro toget you back on some meds or me that can help with you szs and get them back under control. If that one doesn't then you will haveto ride what Candi referrs to the "med-Merry-go-round" or jsut the neurologist doing the trial and error thing to see what works and what dosent.

Mine is t aking my vimpat away after 2 years becuase of the s/e and putting me back on Topamax after 3 years of being off of it. HE will finish phasing out the Vimpat the next time I see him. Then I will be taking 3 mgs of Klonopin, 600 mgs of Lamictal and 200 mgs of Topamax.

I haveto fly in from Hawi'i to see him becuase I can and the insurance will pay for it and I dont want anyone else to take canre of me and nether does he.

IT takes 6 hrs to fly there but worth becuase I get to see friends and my mom.

They all live in Phoenix.

Anyway that is besides the point, ethe point I am making is get your butt to a neruologist and get on something so you don't have to suffer like you are.

I had a T/C last night that lasted 3 minutes and I have slept most of the day shich is VERY rare for me becuase I have VNS implant in my chest with a magnet that you swipe across it and it either stops or slows down szs. it did nither last night and the sz continued and now I am comepetly exhasted from it.

I wich you the best of lucck finding a neuro and getiing help eith meds.

I live on O'ahu in the Waikiki district of downtown Honolulu.

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