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unknowledgeable couselors
JudieSue posted:
I am feeling pretty discouraged working with my counselor. He thinks I am having "pseudo seizures" and really dont have a seizure disorder. H\This opinion, is in spite of abnormal eegs. he thinks they are panic or aanxiety attacks, and I am frustated in getting him to understand that my seizure symptoms do not mimic anxiety/panic attacks. As result of this "stalemate" and insistence that epilepsy can be "cured" our counseling sessions are totally unproductive, and not helping me work through ptsd issues. any advice, other than get a new therapist? he sis part owner of the agency where my doc (psychiatrist) practices. thanks everyone!!
dancer86442 responded:
Hello JudieSue,

Has your Neuro talked w/ this Therapist? NO? Get your Neuro to Call! From what you have said: I really think you Should find a New Therapist! And report him to the Psych. Psuedo Seizures Can mimic seizures. But, your EEG's Recorded on- going seizure activity. You Mite be experiencing Epilepsy seizures & Psuedo seizures, but, his remark that Epilepsy is Curable is Outlandish! Another Uneducated Moron!

You know your system Best! Plus, if your meetings w/ this counselor are 'unproductive' it is pointless going back to see him.

Start keeping a Daily Journal! More Info Under Tips! A Journal can be a Powerful Tool when dealing w/ Drs. Plus, it can Help you, too. As for the PTSD Issues, maybe a Separate Diary/Journal would help!

Hugs Love Candi
hula_dancer73 responded:
Like Candi said get second sopion and get thet heck out of there. I just had a sz about 35 minutes ago so excuse any typos.

EPilepsy can not be "cured" at this point in time. Some people can be "sz-free" with Brain surgery, but are not "cured".

when I was in an EMU or an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit back in 04 they treaed me very poorly and said I did not have anytying going on when in fact I did have 2 szs. One on a wednesday 3 days into a 9 day stay and one on a saturaday and went home on Tuesday.

BUt when the current neruologist of 6 years ran his own tests adn put me back into the EMU and he got 2 staring szs the very first night and over the next 3 days I had 3 MASSIVE Complex Partial szs all of which had to be stopped with IV Ativan.

I was accused of "faking" them by the first 2 neurologists I was so mad at the first one I was seething.

We were supposed t o hae an appointment at a sertain time and he never got to us on purpose and did things like take is grown daugter to lunch--made people wait longer for their appts, made me wait 2 jrs to get me back there, meanwhile I would be having szs waiting and would his staff come and help me, nope, they stood in the office and watched but did nothing about it so after a 6 months of that I said pooey to that and left and went to this epileptologist who was too full of himslef and had an ego bigger than his head and thought he knew everything. He did not! When he told me I was faking it, I lost it and left. adn got referred to the one I have now. Very caring, and listens to me, and answeres my questions, spendds time with me and all that.


Took 10 years to find him but maybe the wait was menat.

al my EEGs have come back abnormal exceport for the last 2 that came back normal after 10 years of junk. That was done 6 months ago.

Ansiety attacks can look like szs and vice versa but since you had an EEG that provved positive for epilepsy then he needs to see it or at least that report so that argument stops.

IT is not right.

Trained people like him do not need to be down gradeing you you have enough on your plate.

Good luck on your wuest to find a new couselor

I live on O'ahu in the Waikiki district of downtown Honolulu.

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