epilepsy and mold
mandysmother posted:
Does anyone know if mold can cause epilepsy.
I know that 'black mold' can cause seizures but what about the disease - epilepsy.

Alsio - if so - how much exposure to mold would be necessay to do this to a person ?

Thanks for any response.
dancer86442 responded:
Hello Mom,

Considering there are a lot of Seizure disorders w/ 'unknown cause' I wouldn't discredit it. But, I can say it is a Trigger, which is not the same as Cause. Epilepsy is a disruption of electrical activity in the brain. Two or more Episodes of similar actions determines Epilepsy which is confirmed w/ EEG's & MRI tests.

How much exposure to Trigger seizures would depend on the persons Immune system & how sensitive it is.

I will ask around & see if anyone else has thoughts on this subject. Hugs! Love Candi