OT: falls
hula_dancer73 posted:
hi all,

Sorry I ahve not been here in a LONG time, but have had other things to do. I have enrolled at UH in West Honolulu where we live to take courses that parelllel the RN program and deal with neuro science. it is a 6 year program and I am going to give it my best even if I can not get thru it then I can not say I failed becuase I at least gave it a try.

I haveto take classes this summer to fill in where the ones from my previous schools did not transfer or this one needs.

Anyway, on the 5th of april I have to go back to the mainland back to the CORE institute (the orthopedic facility) I go to for everything to ahve my right hip looked at. There is a chance there may be a fracture somwhere around it. Not a huge one but a possible one.

can not sit comftabley, walking is difficult-using crutches again to get weight off it, bending down to do anything might as well be forgotten about becuase I can not bring myself back up again. and so on.

The pain is unbearable.

I have falls when I either have drop attacks or T/Cs the few times I have them. I had a T/C a little more than a month ago and I decicded it was time to do something about it, because it is causing referred pain to my lower back. another reason I have not been on here and I highly aplogize for that.

the weahter here on O'ahu is great in teh 80s and some humidity. 60s at night.

what is it like in AZ Candi?

I live on O'ahu in the Waikiki district of downtown Honolulu.
dancer86442 responded:
Kudos to you Nancy! For going back to school. Best of Luck there. Sad to hear about your Hip. I dread the day my bones crack/fracture. I know it won't take much. And even a Hairline fracture will be noticeable. As for weather. Ups & downs. Gonna be in the high 80's again, later this week. Just had a chill down for the weekend. HUGS!

Love Candi