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    doose syndrome
    An_251490 posted:
    have 5 year old child he devolped normally except for some delay in the speech since he attend thd school i noticed some difficulty in learning and his teacher complain fro lack of attention and teething of his jaw . i noticed since 1 st of feb that he developed jerky movement of his both hand followed by staring look and eye fluttering for 1 min many time daily esp.when he watch T.V i went to apediatricneurologist he do EEG his diagnosis was mycolonic astatic epilepsy(myoclonous+absence epilepsy) Now he is on medication,i am so depressed i don,t know how to deal with him? and how can i teach him is he need aspecial school or he can follow his class mate?what is the prognosis of the disease
    please any one ahave atrail with this diseasetell me about it
    THank you
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hi Mom, Welcome to our Family here @ Epilepsy Community AKA Epland. First, I am gonna suggest you visit our Resources & clik on the Link Epilepsy Classroom. Please read & then Print up the Info provided. For His Teachers!

    Best Advice for Parents w/ children who have Epilepsy: Continue to treat your child Normal. Hide your fears the best you can! A child can sense Fear & it can cause them to Stress. Which is a #1 Trigger for Seizure Activity in some. Next: Learn Proper Seizure First Aide & teach those who have daily contact w/ your Son! Next: Start a Daily Journal. Info as to what to include is in our Helpful Hints. You will need to Limit TV until you get an anti-glare screen &/or Prescription Polarized Sunglasses. Tell His DR about this. It is Another Seizure Type: Photosensitive Epilepsy.

    Your son shouldn't Need special Ed. He will need 'extra time' to do classwork or homework due to the Absence Seizures. He has no clue what is being said or done when he has an Episode. The Epilepsy Classroom will give you more Info. I suggest you discuss All this Info w/ Teachers & School Nurse & School Counselor.

    Once you start Learning, things will get easier! I Swear! But, it is Important to Educate your Son, Also. Please visit or sites for Lists of Books/Authors that are for All Ages. Note Titles/Authors & ask your Local Research Librarian about the Availability of these books. If they can't find them in your library they will search other counties/States or Locate a Bookstore w/ Used versions.

    The Prognosis: Some kids Outgrow seizure activity, especially the Absence form,. But, others' will remain on meds their Entire Life. It will take Time & Patience to find a med that Works for your Child. There are Alternative Treatments, too. Such as Diet. The Ketogenic Diet was being used B4 meds were Ever developed for us. It has recently been Proven to be Very effective, in most cases. You don't have to Join the Sites I mentioned to read their Info. Use the Search tools on these sites to Learn More about Diets & other Issues.

    Now, for your Child's Sake: Take A Deep Breath & CHILL! We will be here for the both of you! If you have more questions/concerns or just need to vent, Please let us know! I do hope you will keep us posted on his Progress, too. BTW: What Medication was he placed on? You can learn More about that med w/ WebMDs Drug Tab, up Top. Do not let Side effects Scare you. Side effects are what we watch for, not what will be! Everyone's Body Chemistry is different! Just know that IF he develops a Rash to report to his Neuro or Pharmacist Immediately! Give his med 2-6 weeks. It will take that long to build up to a 'therapeutic' (helpful) Level that should cease his Seizure Activity. But, if Side Effects occur w/in this time frame, that are Intolerable, again: consult his DR. (Sleepiness is a Normal reaction to most of our meds. ) Be sure you have him take a Good Daily Multi-vitamin, Also! Hugs

    Love Candi

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