An_251666 posted:
Hello everyone Im knew to this, I was diagnosed with JME when I was 17 and now Im 27. I have been taking Depakote and I had my first seizure when I was 19 and my second one when I was 22. I havent had another one since. I was just on here wondering if any of you ladies or husbands have had children ? I get sad and worried at times because I just wish I didnt have to put this medication in my body. Any support out there or stories
dancer86442 responded:
Hello, I apologize for not answering sooner. Welcome to Epilepsy Community, Epland.

Have you asked your DR about getting PG on this Drug? IF you Want to get PG, I have talked to a Lot of EP Wanna be Moms & Moms. All of them consider talking to your Neuro & Ob/Gyn First. Be sure they are Communicating. Other than that, so many of us have gone forward & had perfectly Healthy, Happy Kids. Me included. I was considered High Risk due to Age, too. Next to this post you swill see a tool bar 'Search This Community' Type in Epilepsy & Pregnancy & you can read what others have had to say over the yrs.

OK Help me here. You were diagnosed w/ JME at 17? But, no seizures till 19? What was happening that the dr tested & concluded JME at 17? Also, you have only had 2 seizures & a lot of DRS would be recommending taking you Off your med. This can be done after 2 yrs seizure free on meds. If seizures re-occur, you could try a new/safer med. If the Depakote is not Conducive for using while PG.

Keep us posted. More questions? I will be here. Hugs!

Love Candi