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    ecunningham27 posted:
    I am 27 yrs old and up till 2011 I was healthy and no health problems... October of 2011 I had a seizure and have had a seizure bout every 3 months after that... the doctors can not find anyting wrong with me.... they tested me for ms and epilepsy and found nothing.... what else can seizures like that?????
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hi ecunningham,

    Welcome to Epilepsy Exchange AKA Epland. Mine & my Daughters' seizures started at age 27, also. Unknown to me, at first, I had 3 witnessed seizures as a babe/toddler. They were re-triggered by a Head Blow. But, DRS never could find anything Wrong. For almost 30 yrs, All my tests have been 'normal'. Then, a new neuro decided to do a 24-72hr portable EEG & Finally seizure activity was noted. My Daughters' were determined to be Hereditary & Catamenial (hormone induced) It took DRS 10 yrs & several misdiagnosis to get it rite for my daughter.

    There are a Lot of reasons for Seizure activity. Your Personal History may include reasons you have no knowledge of. Fevers or concussions are #1. Food allergies are another Source. Gluten & artificial sweeteners are leading triggers. But, everyone's system is sooo different that it could be anything. Even something as simple as a potato. It will take Time & Patience & a process of eliminating & re-adding to determine food allergies. Then there is lack of or low amounts of certain Vitamins/supplements (vit D is one) Sodium Levels can be a trigger, too. Even some medications can be a cause. Prescription Or Over-the-counter.

    Hun, if you have had more than 1 seizure you Do have Epilepsy or what is now called 'Seizure Disorder' ! Or you Mite have a Type of Seizure Disorder known as PNES (psychogenic Non-epilepsy Seizures) Stress is the Leading cause of PNES. You can learn more about PNES and triggers/treatments at

    So, has your dr/neuro placed you on any medications or treatments?

    2 Suggestions: 1. Seek another Opinion! Find an Epileptologist (seizure specialist) . 2. Start a Daily Journal! Info under Tips on the rite. If you haven't already, Use our Resources for locating DRs & Questions for DR More Info.

    We will be here for you if you have More questions or just want to talk &/or Vent. Support from others' w/ Seizures is, in my Opinion, just as Necessary as a DR! HUGS!

    Love Candi
    clarinet2 responded:
    Hello we are happy to help you out. As Candi pointed out what tests have you had done? Of course the most common is the EEG, but that can miss seizure activity since we really do not know when our seizures are going to occur.

    Doctors never could find anything wrong with my brain, no problems during my birth, no head injuries, no allergies so the neurologist were pretty perplexed, but not as much as I was.

    An MRI and other scans later in my life found very small amounts of scar tissue on the brain so the doctors came to that conclusion that was the problem, but they were not completely sure.

    As Candi commented find another specialist. If you have not seen an Epileptologist please do to get more opinions to compare. Please do not give up because we can still have a life to live even if you are having seizures and the more perserverence you have the more you will learn.

    saxofone1 responded:
    Hi ecunnighanm

    Welcome to the family.

    My first eegs were negative for any seizure activity. That lead to a misdiagnosis. The initial ones looked like simple, aka absence, seizures. A few years later when something finally showed, the doctors changed the seizure type to psychomotor(now called complex partia). That began a roller ride of medications.

    I'd say that at least half of my eegs showed no activity. In the past 38 years, I've had the general eeg, the sleep-deprivation eeg, in-patient eeg, as well as the portable. I know I drove my doctors crazy cuz the seizures were there but the eegs seldom caught them.

    My epileptologists in Mpls told me that my seizures were moving so fast that the eegs had trouble locating them. That fit my personality since I was always on the move.

    I am the only one in my immediate family who has ep. My seizures are due to a meiningitis strain I had as an infant. The seizure activity didnt' break through until I was about to turn 14.
    A maternal cousin seemed to outgrow hers.

    As Candi and Dana have suggested, seek another opinion and look for an epileptologist. Keep an eye on your diet. And start the notebook.

    Do keep us posted. And feel free to ask us whatever crosses your mind.


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