Should I be concerned
andilee0401 posted:
My son had 3 seizures within 24 hours at the age of 2 months old in 2011. We put him on seizure medication, he did well on his meds with a couple of adjustments. in August of 2012 we started winging him off of his seizure meds and he has been fine up until the last 3 weeks. My son is not sleeping very well at all. It is like his brain won't shut off. He is not teething, we haven't changed any routines. He wakes up at least 4 times throughout the night, if not more, and only wants to take an hour nap during the day. He just turned 2 on the 28th of April. I know these are normal sleep habits for a 2 year old (He is my 3rd kid). Should I be concerned that maybe he is having some seizure activity?
dancer86442 responded:
Hello andilee,

A quick way to find out if episodes are awaking him. Place a spy cam or baby monitor w/ video/sound in his room. The nap is Normal, but, in my opinion, awaking 3-4 times or more a nite isn't. Also, consider keeping a Daily Journal for him. Info as to what to include is under our Helpful Hints (See All) Hopefully, there is nothing more wrong than you being a Worried Mom. And you have reason to be. Although Most Kids do outgrow infant/toddler seizures, it is Best to be a Bit on the Cautious side.

Keep us posted. If you have more questions/concerns we will be here for you.

Hugs Love Candi
saxofone1 responded:
Hi andilee,

Welcome to the family.

I love Candi's idea about a spy cam. Gosh how I wish they were around when mine started. I would love to see what I did during one.

Anyway, we are here for you and your son.