Hearing Loss
thebestisyetocome posted:
So I have a 12yo daughter who like myself was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 4yo. As she has gotten older she will complain that she can't hear. Initially we thought that it was just because she was having a seizure. However at 12 now its seems a bit much. The volume level is like 35 and if I turn it down she complains she can't hear anything. Anyone else ever experience this? (oh pleeeease say it's not me losing my scruples)
dancer86442 responded:
I don't think hearing loss is associated w/ Epilepsy. Except as an 'absence seizure'. Does she hear OK when you are talking? Does she ever talk Loud? I know I have hearing loss, but, I think it is from other causes. You really should take her in to have her hearing checked by a Dr. to rule out any inner ear problems. Hugs!

Love Candi