meds for Migraines
hula_dancer73 posted:

I am going to be started on Pamelor on Monday. It is a TCA or Tricyclic Anti-Depressant drug to treat my migraines.

I already take Topamax ( for sz as well), Fioricet, TPI injections in my neck, and Imitrex and now Pamelor.

My Migraines get WAY out of control and it has NOTHING to do with what I eat or whatever.

I had Menigitis and Encephalitis together in Dec of 95 and they are a direct result of that.

They will NOT go away and I am stuck with them. I went into the hospital with them and came out with them.

Why all do I need all the drugs to control them?

THey don't bother me.

I was on Pamelor once before when i was clinically depressed for 2 years. ThenI was taken off it with no reaming problems.

We will be going to see my grandma in Franklin NC for about 8 days, then will be meeting my aunt in Toronto for3 days then going to her cottage in bala Ontario which is 2.5 hrs NE of Toronto for a weeek or so and will be out of the humitiy of the islands. The Island of Hawi'i is in the 80s and so is Maui. O'ahu is in the 70s and so are the rest of the islands.

I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!
dancer86442 responded:
Hope the Pamelor wards off any further Migraines. Are you Sure your Doc recommended them due to Migraines. Or did you mention 'feeling low' at some point? Whichever, all's Good rite?

Have a Great Vacation. I wouldn't mind a trip to NC to see my Hubby's brothers & my Nieces. ENJOY!

Hugs! Love Candi
hula_dancer73 replied to dancer86442's response:
I did not come up with it muy TMJ doc came up with it and I had to have it in writing and cleared by my neuro before he could even start the drug.

so I called my neuro's MA and told her what was going on and what needed to be done and she did it.

Now since the TMJ doc was not there on Friday I ahve to wait until Monday for him to get it mailed to me with a 3 month supply thru a company that deals with that. He is smart and will get it to me in HI.

I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!