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    no answers to what cause my seizures
    mkees posted:
    I have been suffering from seizures for about 4 years now. I have seen several Doctors and been to different hospitals, but all I am told is that they are caused by anxiety or stress or pain. Recently, they have become more frequent and life threatening. I have stopped breathing the last few times, but yet I am told that things are ok with my test results.
    Does anyone have any suggestions that I should be asking my doctors to look into that they are not doing? I am in continual pain from other issues and my depression is severe. I really need some help please.
    saxofone1 responded:
    Welcome, mkees,

    It is quite common for the EEGs to show no seizure activity. They just don't like to show up during tests. My initial tests showed nothing to suggest ep. It took a couple of years before any positive readings showed.

    Yeah, stress and anxiety can cause seizures. During finals in college was when my seizure activity increased. Depression affected me too. There are some anti-depressants that might help. Do be careful with them though cause they can lead to other problems, e.g. interference with your seizure meds.

    Have you seen a epileptologist(seizure specialist)?

    Ask your doc about an in-patient EEG. This is usually a few days hooked up while you're on camera. If you have a seizure while in-patient, it will be recorded. Watching someone have a seizure is often helpful in determining where the seizures begin, what type, as well what causes them.

    You say you stop breathing? Do you have any lung conditons that might cause this? Asthma? Something is interrupting your flow of oxygen to the brain/lungs when this happens.

    Have you and your doc discussed your diet? Sugar intake? Salt intake? Viitamin levels?

    Mkees, if you're a female ask the doc about your hormones and menses? That "time of the month" aggravated me so often. I'm sure glad that part of me is over with.

    If you have any questions that you haven't asked your doc, now is the time to do so. No question is a stupid one. Check with a local EPILEPSY FOUNDATON( for additional support. Maybe a support group is in your area.

    My first seizure was the spring of '75. Click my pic and read my story. It has been a rough ride but I got through it with flying colors.

    I hope this is a start. I have shared what has immediately come to mind. I have most likely overlooked some things too. All I have said is based on my personal experiences.

    jenbayly17 responded:
    I hope that you have read Angie's post she has given a lot of good suggestions. I would agree that anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, etc. can all cause seizures. If you would like to you can check out some other posts by myself on this site. The strangest things can affect your body. Are you on a specific medicine for the seizures at this time that they are adjusting or how often in the 4 years have your seizure occurred? If you are not currently medicated and they continue to happen I would suggest the EEG that Angie mentioned where you are observed and they can get a better reading hopefully to see what is actually the root cause of the seizures. I am not sure how much you take for notes for your doctor but I have learned the hard way and by switching doctors even that we have to get the right doctor the right info to get answers. keep up the investigating because there are doctors that are more specialized that can possibly help you better than what you have received for answers so far. I sympathize with you that you have to keep going through more tests but if you get the answers from those tests that you need things will get better for you. Please let us know more of your follow up. If your depression is getting severe I would consider talking to at least a general physician about what vitamins or meds you can take to help. Exercise helps me to feel better when I am having a rough time and a walk outside is free so get some fresh air for yourself as well. It does wonders. just make sure to take some cold water with you as well.

    saxofone1 replied to jenbayly17's response:
    Good morning,

    Jen, it is good to see that you are still us. Thanks again for your word of confidence in us.

    Mkees, another type of EEG crossed my mind as I was reading jen's response. Have you ever heard of the portable EEG? This is done out of the hospital or clinic. No in-patient stuff. You are hooked to a portable EEG so that you can continue your usual daily activities. It is about the size of large wallet that you carry with you. It will record all your brain acitivity just as if you were at the hosp. The one I had was for 24-36 hrs. I looked like the mad bomber with all the wires but I didn't care. It was hard to sleep in but I managed that too.

    Jen, you mentioned water. It is supposed to be 117 here in Vegas today. I was out and home by 6:30a this morning. One good thing about such exteme heat is that I'm less likely to do a lot of unnecessary shopping.

    Mkees, I hope we have offered you some helpful hints/suggestions. Please continue to share with us whenever you have the chance.

    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello mkees,

    Welcome to our Community. I apologize for not responding sooner. A child spilled tea on my Laptop. Using Hubbies for now. But, have limited time on it.

    Angie made some good suggestions. I have another. Visit our Helpful Tips & read Journal Info.

    Questions: Have your DRS placed you on any medications or suggested any alternative treatments? Have your DRS discussed PNES (psychogenic non-epilepsy syndrome) w/ you? PNES does not mean you are Crazy! But, PNES can Not be controlled by our meds! PNES IS caused by Stress & Anxiety. If you are in Pain, that can be a Major cause of Both. IF you follow thru on Angie's test suggestions & everything is Still Normal then ask for a Referral to an Epilepsy Psychologist! can assist you in finding better DRs. Visit to learn more about PNES!

    Love Candi

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