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    Epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Memory Loss
    GrandmaKitties posted:
    Is it possible to have more than one type of seizure? I can't tell when I am going to have one and am confused, for months, after a seizure. I convulse, loose consciousness, sporadic, jerking movements that are repetitive, muscle rigidity and loss of muscle tone. I fall down a lot.
    I was in a car accident on April 22, 2008. I can't remember any of the rest of 2008, 2009 or 2010.
    If the severe depression doesn't kill me, continued falling will. Any suggestions?

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    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello, GrandmaKitties,

    Welcome to our Community. As you can see, I answered Yes to your Poll. Are you seeing a Neuro or Epileptologist (Epilepsy Specialist)? Are you on any medications to control your seizures?

    It is quite common to be unable to note when seizures will occur. Although Some ppl, w/ Epilepsy/seizure disorders, do have 'warning' symptoms, the Majority of us Don't.

    From what you described, you are having Gran mals AKA tonic-clonic: convulsions/lose of consciousness. Visit our Resources for more Info about the other types of seizures/symptoms. Complex Partials & possibly Myoclonic, also.

    Visit our Helpful Hints & read the article on Journals. Daily Journals are More than just logging/noting seizure activity & will be a Powerful Tool for you & your DRS. Take w/ you to all DR appts. Add questions you may have, too. It's easy to forget to ask questions/ concerns when a DR is trying to rush us out. Our Resources has a link for Questions for DR, also.

    What to do? OK For the Depression: Please add 1000IU D3 to your vitamin regimen. Increase weekly, up to 5000IU if needed. Be sure to inform your DR about any added vitamins/supplements.

    For the Seizures: Tell your Dr/Neuro/Specialist what is happening. Be Prepared by learning as much as you can about Types/symptoms/treatments. IF you are on medication, it sounds like it isn't working for you. Either an Increase or change in meds is Needed. It's a Long Road to travel, to find a medication/treatment that may help, but, there is Hope.

    Please keep us posted. Hugs!

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 replied to dancer86442's response:
    Welome GrandmaKitties,

    I also answered YES to your question.

    Candi, has offered you valuable suggestions and advice.

    I have met people who experience more than 1 seizure type. They have been on a roller coaster of meds but keep the faith strong.

    Get that notebook started. Keep in touch with us.

    jenbayly17 responded:
    I also responded yes to your question. I have experienced petit mal seizures earlier in my life when I was first diagnosed and have later developed grand mal seizures which is what my more recent seizures have been. Please continue to report to us about how you are doing and I hope things get better. I know I have had seizures with an aura most of the time that lets me know when it's coming generally but I have also had them where I had no warning that I picked up on and it is alarming to come out of. I for the last two major seizures have hit my head because I was standing and fell backwards. One time involved stitches and the other was a big bump. Hopefully you will get some answers and relief with doing the things that Candi has suggested. Just keep talking is one of the more important things when it comes to depression. Don't shut out people and get out the frustration somehow, we are here to help or to vent to when you need it.

    hula_dancer73 responded:
    When I got really sick for some readon other sz types showed up. I hade drop-attacks, abscenes, T/Cs, myoclonics, and Complex Partial szs. CPs are my regular type but the others are not. Once in a while I will have either a drop attack or a T/C.

    I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!

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