fatal seizures?
An_252780 posted:
Hi Everyone,

I'm writing because my father has just had 3 seizures while on a trip to spain. He's now on a life support machine in a hospital ran by natives that don't speak English.

I'm wondering what we're realistically looking at here. What is the survival rate of those on life support after seizures? Is it very common? Any information at all will help.

Thank you
dancer86442 responded:

Life Support can be used when a persons seizures last longer than 5 minutes &/or has problems w/ heart or breathing. It's not Common, but, can happen. Survival rate.... Depends on the Person's Health. I would contact hospitals & ask if there are any DRS who Speak Spanish on Staff. And have them Contact the Hospital where your Dad is.

Let us know how your Dad fares. Know he is in my Prayers. Hugs!

Love candi
saxofone1 responded:

sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with your father's recovery, you, and your family/loved ones.