Did I have a stress seizure?
An_253012 posted:
Did I have a stress seizure? 2 times in the last 3 months, after i fell asleep, my family said I was breathing funny. I was making a gurgling noise and they could not wake me up. When I woke up my leg muscles were sore and I had chewed pretty hard on the sides of my tongue. The first time they witnessed it they called the paramedics. When I woke up I felt ok mentally and they told me it was stress. It always happened after a panic attack.I do have a high stress job, I am a manager in a casino and we are going through an audit, and my relationship of 7 years ended with my daughters father. I don't know what to think. The dr I could afford said it was stress. I never heard of it though.
saxofone1 responded:

What you have descriped sounds like a grand mal(tonic clonic) seizure.

Have you shared this event with your doc? Sounds like you need to make an appt with a neurologist as soon as possible.

Yes, stress can bring about seizure activity. Get to a doctor soon and have it checked out.

Keep us updated as to how you're doing. Please ask any questions that come to mind. Welcome to the family.

dancer86442 responded:
Witnesses did not see any unusual behavior? It may be possible they walked in after the seizure (physical) activity was over & you were still post-ictal. Old rule of thumb: 2 seizures=Epilepsy. BUT, Stress seizures are Usually Classified as Non-epileptic episodes. PNES Psuedo-non-epilepsy seizures/syndrome. Meaning that no abnormal electrical events Caused the seizure. It does Not mean your seizures weren't Real! PNES just needs to be Treated differently. Our anti-seizure meds won't Work on PNES. You need to seek a Counselor/psych. To learn More about PNES visit epilepsytalk.com (link in Tips or Resources) or use your Search Engine & search for NationalSeizureDisordersFoundation.org. You can also use our Community search Tool to see what others' have said &/or experienced w/ PNES.

There is a breathing technique for panic/anxiety attacks. Called 'Pursed Lip Exercise' It could prevent further Episodes. Yoga &/or meditation are other treatments you may want to try. I can tell you are under a Lot of Pressure, rite now. Stay Strong! One Day at a Time! Hugs!

Love Candi