I Had An EEG
Haneef16 posted:
So I had an EEG done at Childrens National Medical enter on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was originally supposed to be from Tuesday to today. However they caught three seizures on Tuesday(wow) so they were ready to send me home yesterday THANK GOD! It felt great to sleep in my own bed. Its not very pleasant sleeping with a bunch of electrodes and wires all over your head and body, plus being constantly awakened by nurses coming in and out. I was very happy having both my mom and dad with me the whole time since it's usually just me and my mother. It was fun having family team although my sister was staying with my aunt literaly down the street from the hospital (How convenient is that!) My sister was having so much fun that she wanted to stay longer so she didnt come home with us when I was discharged. its funny because after I left the hospital earlier yesterday afternoon we went to see my uncle in the rehabilitaion center across the street from Children's! I was just in the hospital, and I went right back! Lol I was happy it wasnt for me! But my uncle isnt in good shape, but we're continuing to pray for him. It was great being reunited with extended family, and they said they'll of course keep me in their prayers and vice versa.

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dancer86442 responded:
This is Good News. You gave them Drs a site to see & it will Help in determining medications or other treatments. Meanwhile you should do some homework, also. Know what your Options are. And what You Want. Whether it be meds or alternatives, such as diet or surgery. Hugs!

Even all wired up, my last stay in the hospital, I slept better than I do at Home.

Love Candi