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    Drop Seizures
    melissiahead posted:
    I have taken my 2 year old to see the neurologist and we ended up having to see 2 of them that day and they told me a best and worst case option for her. I was told the best thing is that she could have what they call drop seizures and that they might be able to control them with medication. On the worst side she does not have any reflexes from her hips down to her ankles and if that is the case they would have to go and put a nerve stimulator in her and he said that he didn't want to have to do that. I am just wandering if anybody else has had those kind of seizures or can tell me more about them.
    melissiahead responded:
    She has an EEG and a MRI set up for this week also.
    dancer86442 responded:
    Hello Melissiahead,

    Welcome to Epland/Epilepsy Community, Thank You for joining us.

    Drop seizures are known as Atonic Seizures & are described as Loss of Muscle Tone. If these Are what she has then yes, medication (anti-seizure meds) will help. Problem: finding a med that will do so w/ the Least Side effects.This will take Time & Patience. Keep in mind: What works for one may not work for another. AND Side effects are what we watch for, not what will always be. Plus, a Good, Nutritious Diet can diminish & sometimes eliminate unwanted side effects. But, Please, give each med 2-6 weeks. The body/system Needs to adjust to them & at the end of that time Seizures Should be controlled. Note: seizure activity May increase when first starting on medications/treatments.

    There are Alternatives you can consider, also. The Ketogenic Diet & cannabodoil ( an oil derived from Cannabis w/ no side effects & Will Not get patient High!) The Diet was used B4 medications became available & just recently, been recommended Again as successful in Some! Cannabodoil is the Most Recent new Treatment. Problem: Finding a DR that will agree to either treatment.

    Suggestions: See Helpful Hints on the rite? If you don't see Journals listed clik See All & please, Start a Journal. This will help you identify any triggers & is a necessity when starting Medications. I would like to recommend a Safety Helmet for your child, also. To prevent any Head Trauma when she does fall/drop. I believe we have some sites/links noted in our Resources.

    Please, continue learning about Epilepsy & All it's aspects. Types of seizures, treatments, etc. Seizure Disorders can change Types w/ no fore warning. It's best to know what to watch for or Expect. Proper Seizure First Aide should be taught to all those who come in contact w/ you &/or your daughter.

    Keep in mind IF it is a Seizure Disorder, at her age, it IS a good possibility she will outgrow them. But, they Still need to be treated until then. Stay Calm! (easier said than done ) Continue to love her & support her & remember: She is still a Normal Person Despite her Disorder.

    Please keep us posted about her tests. We are here for you if you have any further questions/concerns or if you just need to vent. Hugs

    Love Candi
    saxofone1 responded:
    Hi melissia,

    Welcome to the webmd. Candi has given you much of what my thoughts are. Candi is wonderful, and offers much needed info and support.

    As Candi has said, don't expect immediate positive results. Patience is very important.

    Kids' behavior is often what they observe. Do your best to remain patient cause your daughter is watching. Most likely, the less stress she feels/sees is a plus for how she handles this.

    Drop in and share whenever you can. Hugs to the young lady.

    hula_dancer73 responded:
    Aloha, I used to have drop attacks and had to wear a helmet. it was a pain the butt. But it saved my head from being cracked open.

    I was really sick and had multiple types for a while. That was one of them. My real type is Complex Partial.

    sometimes I feed off of stress and that can cause szs.

    well I KNOW this one is short but I have a kid calling for me to make her lunch. 17 and she can't do it herself.

    I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!
    melissiahead replied to melissiahead's response:
    Well we got the test results back and her MRI came back clean but her EEG came back very abnormal the doctor said and she was asleep when they did the EEG but he said that there was so many spikes on the test. We are scheduled for Sept. 3 for a follow up appointment unless one opens up sooner.
    dancer86442 replied to melissiahead's response:
    Hi Melissa,

    Good MRI is Fantastic. That means there are no cysts, tumors, lesions or other abnormalities. Noting seizure activity on EEG is Good, too. As Bad as that sounds. But, it will help DRS determine the best course of treatment. Hugs to you & yours.I'll be patiently waiting for follow-up. Hope it goes good. See our Resources for 'Questions For Dr'.

    Love Candi
    melissiahead responded:
    I was just wandering if anybody can tell me what the spikes mean on an EEG mean? When the doctor called he said that her EEG was filled with spikes all the way through and when I was watching the computer for her EEG the top wave was spiking down all of the way into the bottom wave so I would really appreciate it if somebody could kinda explain it to me.
    dancer86442 replied to melissiahead's response:
    Hello Melissia,

    The Spikes indicate that there was seizure activity going on at time of test. Even if no physical activity was apparent. Be sure to take notes when you talk w/ the DR. Hugs!

    Love Candi
    melissiahead replied to dancer86442's response:
    Doctor didn't explain much just said we was going to try medicine and if that don't work then she will have to go to occupational therapy for a couple of months and if that still don't work then she will have to have a nerve stimulator put in. We had a very rough weekend she fell ALOT and there is nothing we can do about it until we see if the medicine is going to help.
    dancer86442 replied to melissiahead's response:
    So, did her DR prescribe an AED (anti-seizure drug)?? Have you considered Diet? Visit

    Have you found a Helmet for her?? There should be a link in our Resources for Epilepsy Products.

    Unfortunately, lots of DRS don't explain much. Unless You know what questions to ask. This is Why I encourage you to do your Own Homework. And if you Don't like your Drs Responses, then seek another DR! The Dr/med Merrygoround is a Long Ride for some. But, well worth it!

    Keep up w/ her Daily Journal. A pattern Will emerge that will help you/Dr find Triggers. Triggers can be avoided. has a great article about triggers. Common & Rare. Use the Search Tool located in her Menu.

    Love Candi
    hawiian_girl11 responded:
    I have a Vagus Nerve Stimulator implanted in me and it does work for me, but may or may not work out for her, every one is dirrerent,

    They generaaly as a rule don't put the VNS in kids under the age of 12, but in RARE cases might put one in a child.

    if they do they do you would hae ro watch her like a hawk because little kids are curious and may start to playwith it from oput pf the body thru the ckinn not intentinally manipiulating it and it could cause it to come loose from where it attacktes,, migrate frome where it was and a wwwwho;e hose of other things.

    It will make a good sized bump because she is so little.

    the kit does come wwith magnets that are VERY high powered that are used for stopping or shortening the szs. Since she is still learning how to espress her feeings you can swipe for her.

    they work really well. I am NOT saying you are getting one I am just teling you abut it since I have one.

    good luck with the doc and both of your descins, it will be a hard one but it will give her the needed relief she has craved.


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