In a similar situation
buzymomof414 posted:
Dear Suzanna

I have suffered from seizures Since I was 3 weeks old. Nothing has been done since then. Now I have 5 boys in which 2 have seizures as well. My second oldest has epilepsy and my youngest has seizures only when he's sick. I recently found out I am pregnant again and having more and more seizures. I too am very scared. Your story brought tears to my eyes. It was like hitting home to me. I am scheduled for an eeg on Monday so I'm hoping this time something will show up so these seizures can officially stop. Best of luck
hula_dancer73 responded:
I have had szs all my life and no one NOT even a doctor pixked uup on it.

my mom knew there was something wrong but did not know what it was she kept taling from doc to doc and no one figured it out they all just ssaid it was a behavior disorder and left it at that.

I was finally dxd with it in april of 2003 after a head injury. THen again in agust after a car adident .

Have a VNS and 3 drugs as well.

I live on O'ahu in West Honolulu-GO UH Warriors!